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Poetry is the lifeblood that sustains the body

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4 weeks ago

First of all, you have to ask an interesting question. Is poetry necessary in a world where civilization and barbarism struggle? The answer to the question will be "necessary" close to one hundred percent. What matters is the severity of its necessity and its coefficient of influence. A hungry person; It is useless to question their secondary needs such as vacation. The hunger of the hungry person should be satisfied first. Other needs will follow.

The need for poetry may be more or less depending on the time, place, environment and conditions, but it certainly exists and will be. Rather, rough hearts and new generations are asked to have a conversation with poetry. Poetry, harvest put the human mood in order and correct the clutter. With the healing effect of the poem, it gives way to positive change. It purifies the poet and, of course, the reader who stays in the poetry rooms. We need to consider the contact of poetry with other branches of art, such as music, and its great impact on life.

If there was no poetry;

What would the serenade, the rhythm, the music be like?

Language would be incomplete, people and their emotions would be a disease.

Poetry is like a lifeblood that keeps the human body alive.

It will also undertake the task of raising the heart with poetry and curing rudeness. Poetry especially refers to the aesthetic, delicacy, depth and beauty dimension of the language. The effect and contribution of poetry, which feeds humanity with this dimension, will of course be.

Since there are pains, deaths and laments within the themes of the poems, they naturally reflect the results of wars, troubles and pains to emotions, chests and consciences. It has the effect that people learn from their wars and struggles and make up their minds. It must have the power to awaken some people who are deaf to the pain that they have not experienced, blind to the bomb that does not fall on themselves. Poetry to bring peoples closer together. On the other hand, it affects world peace positively, albeit indirectly, by implying the transience of the world and death.

Poem; does not build buildings, bridges, airports.

It does not establish it in countries, but it enriches the language, culture and communication in the current situation.

It fills and strengthens the facts of love, love, freedom and justice.

It increases the number of people who inquire.

Poetry is the first step that starts revolutions and freedoms.

He speaks to the music and entertains people.

It becomes an anthem and encourages people in the struggle.

Prayer in the language becomes a lament at death, a letter to the lover.

Most importantly, it makes people mature by providing education and enrichment of people's souls.

The butterfly effect of the poem is also included in this.

It is possible to see the positive and negative reflections of social media in every field. Poetry is just one of them. It is not correct to make this criticism more on poets and poetry. Isn't this true for a poet, but also true for a novelist or a storyteller? I do not find it very healthy to give every criticism over the poet. Social media convenience accommodates quality and poor quality in the same medium. Doesn't qualify.

Poems and writings go through many stages before they become a book. Magazines act as filters. Editor's hand. When the products are addressed to the choice of the poet and the author, a sequence is followed. There are good things in social media, it can be used in this field, but you should not be fooled by social media gluttony and insatiability. This medium, which causes the similarity and even the sameness in the poems, to the mediocrity and the loss of altitude in the art, can even give way to the real poets to fall into the status of ex-poet. Maybe self-feelings are getting stronger. Thus, the poem seems to be in the background. Maybe the water in the poet's poetry whip is running low. Social media users' responsibilities to see and distinguish are also included in the subject of social media readership.

An artist may be a media artist, but his reputation should definitely support art, and his art should be in the forefront. Otherwise, it will be a disappointment both for him and his fans. Since he cannot reach the level of permanence, he shovels in vain and becomes an appetizer for someone. This does not do much for humanity. Just as it is not possible to be a life during the day without worshiping at night, one should not rely too much on the social media editorial office. Let alone social media, good poets can even get along with their poems by being silent.

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Written by   102
4 weeks ago
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