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Now it's My Turn

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1 year ago

It is almost morning. It is almost time for me to recover from the night-long seizure of my eyelids. In the middle of my life where troubles compete with each other, I am just a corner audience now. What was I missing? I'm handsome, I have money, I'm funny in my own way, a little ignorant, but so what? When the girl is known, I stay ignorant.

The more I can think of, the more violent my ambition is. Whatever I care so much about! If it is beautiful, it is beautiful! Isn't there any other girl for me? Whatever he thinks he is, not unavailable Indian fabric! If I wanted to, how many girls would I stack here in five minutes. But I do not want. Why would I want it? I am such a man too!

He sees what he has done I will regret. Who are you being and having fun with me? The laughter, the flurry, was not it all to seduce me? Why else would a woman smile! It is obviously not idle to me! I have grown up the business lately. Grab the address of the place where he works, I have it until I get to his number! Well, I don't know what to do with these, but okay. I saw it in detective thrillers in my early teens. The man follows the woman. He learns everything about him, harasses over the phone. It makes the woman self-doubtful and crazy. Oh okay! It was time to do the same now.

I saw him the other day. Next to him was an ugly man following a heated conversation. His eyes did not see anyone. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't see it. I camouflaged myself in such a way that even I had a hard time getting to know myself in front of the mirror. Who was he? If she's her boyfriend, has she chosen this type of person over me? You'll regret it and come back to me, my love!

When that day comes, I will not want you. I will say that there is no place in my life. I will say I do not love you, I do not find you beautiful, I do not find myself superior, I do not find you unreachable! Did he kiss that man? Lips burning my throat with that taste of honey that I hesitate to even imagine kissing me every night. The next time I think about it, there are no solid items in the house.

Was he laughing at him too? Or did I get it that way? It has a different mood when you laugh. Why are those eyes closed to me only? Indeed, this job has taken a long time. I am determined! This morning I'm taking care of the root and closing this notebook. Egoistic, cocky, I will show him what it is like to see everyone inferior to you.

She went to her in a respectful, gentle way and said, "May we meet Mrs.?" I said what is it about? What is it going to do so bad, not lazy on social media, what is it, what is it? Then he would not smile as his face penetrated me. Since it entered my mind once. He has no right to reject me. Which girl rejected me and you will?

I have to throw something in my mouth. Otherwise, I will be fainted not because of love, but because of hunger in front of the girl. I get dressed hurriedly and leave the house. One street before I get to the workplace, I have to hold the arm and talk and explain what's inside. I catch my breath, exactly at the hour and minute I guessed, passing over the road every minute. A tiny skirt dressed again! Well, make an invitation to the dog, and then they are bothering you! I'll teach you how to dress, baby, don't worry! You are under my protection, protect, take care of you, I will always watch over you.

Here it comes. Sorry what? His face is covered with a peaceful sadness. His gait as fragile as a cotton walkway. If I touch it, I'm afraid it will turn into a cloud of dust flying. Not knowing what to do, in the middle of the road, my hands are looking for the tenderness of a child who has lost his mother. He sees me at that moment, so although I do not want him to see me in that crushedness, that innocence, I can no longer rewind the ticks of the time.

“What are you doing here? Are you following me? "

"Pardon? Why would I follow you? If you want to care so much about yourself! ” Even though my mouth, which gets together very quickly and fires the wick of my words, is surprised, I do not give me to disgrace.

“If I ever see you around me, I complain! Get the news."

I wish you never talked, I wish you always looked at me with your smiling eyes. The pain of the tongue, like a poison ivy, has over centuries of experience.

As he wobbles in the phase of his deepest sleep, I sneak into his house, excited about going underground. I step into the bedroom, the most intimate. Has that flimsy dude from the other day ever entered this room with your consent? You wouldn't allow it, would you? No, I don't believe it, there are patterns. It was twice as difficult to endure his existence while he was sleeping, I just learned. I want to lie down and watch my fingers strap in your hair, but I can't risk being revived. I stuff the hair brush that caught my eye in my pocket and blend my darkness into the rays of the dawn. I call you the next morning.

"Hello, let's see if your hair brush is in place?"

I understand that he was shocked when there was no sound from the other side for a while

“Here's my love, I'll show you what it's like to play with me. Wait, this is the beginning! I know everything, man! I've captured your phone number, whoever's in your phonebook, your photo gallery, everything from your mother's maiden name. But what am I doing, nothing! Because I protect you, because I love you. But you are so used to mockery that your eyes do not see. Thank you, you still had a good time with me! Now it's my turn!"

There is no reaction and soon my hate is mixed with your voice.

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Written by   160
1 year ago
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