Now I wake up more happy in the mornings

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8 months ago

Loveless people, on the other hand, are supposedly loving and omnipotent and I can't help it:

I love my nothingness and I have always aspire to the office of nothingness.

I demand neither implication nor destruction.

Only while my cells are multiplying and decreasing, I am grateful to my destiny with the presentation of life, and since I am in love with my Lord...

What has changed in the world and in an age where even love is denied, with the smartphones we have, and this is what I know:

I managed to activate the unused part of my mind, just as we don't use most of our intelligence for a lifetime, don't ask me if we added my inner voice, which I got fallow, in addition to my enthusiasm and desire to write.

It does not happen without loving, and it never will be, and how could I reach the highest Divine Position?

I have always stood out for a lifetime, even while I was passionately devoted to my professions and even this stood out.

No matter what anyone says, we wake up more happy in the mornings. Because we know that the wonders of nature are waiting for us outside. And despite everything, it seems possible to be happy. The heart beats faster. Naughty children enjoying the spring are constantly pumping blood. I don't know, one feels like holding on to another life in such an atmosphere. Maybe I am giving too much meaning to this spring weather. But there is a fact that we cannot deny: It is as if a person was born again.

Whether in my childhood or in my student years, I never compromised: neither myself nor my ability to love, and my favorite is patting the head of orphans and how can I not take an example? And even as I said it, I shuddered: the greatest, most moral human being ever created.

While we are full of moral erosion, we are inside out…

Even when people are covered in mud with love…

Days and weeks follow each other in this life. Mankind is the most vivid witness of this chase. The cold winter days that make you shiver are almost gone. We are surrounded by flowers and insects all around us, the sun is more sincere in the mornings. All of these are examples of getting up again and getting ready for life, for those who understand and are aware.

While even innocence is humiliated and people are slandered out of the blue, of course, love does not suit every person and every heart.

Besides, who loves us unconditionally, apart from our Lord and our mothers, I have experienced the pain of losing your mother many times over.

I'm lying, but roses don't talk at all this time, mister.

Yes, you are lying and I am necessarily speaking with a smile:

Both while writing and loving, and for this I did not seek permission from anyone: neither yesterday nor today…

Do people always find it difficult to love, even to be loved?

The words I know are also the love and faith I have in the unknown and the familiar is just; The dimensionless and eternal existence of my Lord, and I cannot imagine a life without him, so I have already removed people who do not fear God from my life, although they are not necessarily my favourite.

Hoping to meet you one day, as long as your heart wishes...

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8 months ago


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8 months ago

In case of love, we should have positive thoughts. I agreed we never make 100% use of brain. Even Newton's brain was used less than 1%.

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8 months ago

In case of love, we should have positive thoughts. I agreed we never make 100% use of brain. Even Newton's brain was used less than 1%.

Yes I agree

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8 months ago