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My Silence Before The Storm Was Hidden In My Imaginary Route!

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1 month ago

My dreams are veiled, friends: With sadness and hope and dreams!

I offer a bow to the universe.

Whatever my family didn't miss, I was missing piece by piece.

I stretched first.

Then, when I said I was shorter, the black hole swallowed me and when I was stuck in my throat, I was thrown back, I succumbed to an unknown power when I was actually going to write a letter with a burnt tip to myself.

I didn't have an address, even my votives were missing, even the person in my eyes who made me go away.

Even though I was stuck in the darkness, I was the only light, I was trapped in the smoke like the smoke of the traveler in me, I wanted to carve out evil dreams and like a huge tumor, when I said that evil is from the hearts of people, my heart stopped beating.

My life I'm referring to is only myself and the center, but I had long since given up being self-centered and it all started suddenly.

A celestial body on the horizon.

While some people are satellites of others.

I did not even envy the moon just because it was the satellite of the earth, because there was not a single fairy tale the moon would make up, except for the earth.

I was the only one and you,friends.

I was unique, just like you, like everyone else.

I was left alone in a galaxy that I couldn't have a satellite for, and when I said grape and pear stalk, I believed that I was a melon.

I am very raw.

The pain relapsed: I accepted and I was a little bit cured.

Then I got angry and crashed.

As I was not multiplied in the Justice ruler, I was not multiplied, and the only thing I could not deduce and the only thing left was a rounded decimal number, of course, and the hostility of the minus digit took me this time with minus and plus when I was on the plus axis.

I was both zero and the only prime number remaining, and with the excuse of being one, I was convinced that I was a rebel, whereas my soul was noble, and it fell as wet as I could not hang it.

Days chasing night.

I, on the other hand, took refuge in the night to escape from me.

Since the rest was mine, I believed those who showed left and right, then I confused my left and right, and then I confused my left and right, but it was my dreams, but the military headquarters, where I grew up since my childhood, of course, I always counted the loneliness in the steps of the soldier, a lifetime such that even the dawn broke the dawn and I wrote every line with the last bullet in the pen I put on my temple. when I say it's over.

The time is over.

Ending day.

Lost space.

That last bullet in the pen after I disappeared, and I was getting rid of all the troubles in my heart, which was as heavy as lead.

I made such a turn from the point where I could not live and my pen met my heart like a pot and a lid.

Was I a calendar?

Or a calender dream?

What is a dream anyway? That I lived through the four seasons in a day that I knitted thousands of times.

I was a running horse, I suffered a lot, worked hard, very tired and gathered horseshoes for a lifetime…

Of course, I should have studied in the best schools and the lecturer was my late father and commander-in-chief of my heart.

I should have worked in the best institutions.

What is considered to be the most perfect, in my opinion, is to be neutral and impartial and independent...

Of course, it was a dream and I was the only supporter of the child in me, as well as my life spent in Purgatory.

It wasn't ambition, mine was just prone to good.

My dream was hidden in my route, my paper boats and they were all taking water from the bottom, eventually all the boats melted into the water and I did not know how to swim, but once I set out on this road and my first thing was:

What did he say, the big general manager?

"If you don't know how to swim and you're going to work with an institution like ours, imagine yourself in an ocean."

It was a command.

This is an order from above.

And I was the order of the universe, but I exploded without showing anyone, but I had come to such a point that I had come to such a point and here is my silence before the storm.

I was a white collar and my two collars would never come together, of course I ripped all the seams and rebelled against the order: first of all, I resigned from all the jobs I entered, but it was not enough.

I resigned in order not to comply with the order, but I was so organized inside myself.

My obsessive being and my perfectionist side and my inner voice coming into play when I say thousands of "I" and external voices that live inside me while I was still a child.

When I said I was lost, I became a student again, sometime in silence, sometime in silence, sometime in a passive dream fairy, and nowadays I take thousands of exams with myself every day to shake hands, but first of all I have to be accepted by God, on the other hand, I am chasing my old peace and joy so that the child inside me can accept me and I find myself Divine Power and the power I get from my reader with the heartbeat of the pen, while it is the only station I take refuge in as I make my way to love.

I am mentally strong.

I am also hidden in the knitting of mourning.

Hope is also monopolized.

I left my past.

My presence in the moment and I embrace the future with love and faith.

Hafiz, tell me: who do you think I am and why do people constantly take me to account when I am responsible for my identity?

My color is white.

My race is human.

If it is to perform with my spiritual presence, how much more do I love my humanity and how much do I love the whole universe that I have loved so many people since I knew myself?

I say you love a little bit, or never mind because it's my turn to love me in an unordered chain of love, but after I come to myself and to myself...

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Written by   115
1 month ago
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