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My real existence is what's left of the suitcases where I stacked my tears

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1 month ago

I go on a journey with a suitcase full of tears. I don't have the slightest idea where the journey is, without knowing what I'm going to get on at which stop.

You are the rebellious demon of the rising dirt.

My bubbling heart...

A dream that I miss without seasons and has no echo is the only scene I see every time I close my eyes.

Death awaits to be served in the freezer, but I am immortal, in fact, we wouldn't be so sinful if it wasn't for each of us.

A community of people who both talk about love and despise it, and that's what makes the earth hell.

I think that a paradise has been created, however, when my inner voice and my pre-sensation feelings are battered and the external voice is battered, I hang my words one by one on the wall because my relationship with the walls throughout my student life has made me successful, and the long corridor of our house, my notes, while studying, I almost offer the sea of ​​knowledge to the corridor. It wasn't enough when I was shooting the large and small papers that I pasted on the walls. Oh, is it now? Whenever I feel like writing, I feel myself passing out, the desk where I am perched and the place where I close my eyes and pause to think and surrender my soul and pen to the emotions...

Oh my God, if it's so good to die, I must come to you right away, and that knock and knock sound I heard, I think, with the wind inside of me, I caught every part of the house, and here is the voice from the voice that my inner voice answered which is the most magnificent experience of my life when I was captive to the pages of a book and memorized a thick book or novel in a short period of time like four or five hours, and when I was a student.

The lessons I taught throughout the semester, but while not failing to take my notes.

While I didn't know anyone on top of the lecture notes I kept while the exams were imminent, I had at least three or five friends' lecture notes made photocopied and stacked them all on the table and in the room, while I didn't leave my room except for my basic needs.

Success is accompanied by enthusiasm.

The high grades I got in the unlimited face measurement of knowledge are five in one place, while I don't know any jewelery on it, even the Spoonmaker's Diamond is worthless in my eyes.

To exist.

my presence.

A lifetime is what I believe in and my identity.

But when I was obsessed with my nothingness because of some people who have hurt me for the past few years.

Betrayal and gossip and lies and liars add a thousand to one.

While remembering a dream planet, the earth.

Even if I have turned the life that I matched with my imagination into heaven, when I say that the voices and troubles do not end, I am my own enemy and I consider myself to be guilty in the lovelessness of people, after sharing my values ​​and boredom with the people I care about and the gun backfires.

When I didn't even think about the possibility that a problem of mine could make some people happy.

A life where I can't ignore everything, at least in a limited time, the vastness of my imagination, where I am swept off my feet, and I contribute to the architecture of my life with my pen in the world of literature.

Where I don't hear voices and don't see dark shadows and put off growing up in the spell of writing and play ball with words like a little kid or hangman and hide and seek.

Have you ever been a lonely child, did you sit on the carpet and scatter your toys around and when it wasn't enough.

I ended my silence with the enthusiasm of being already writing while we made a different journey in every period of life and lived the whole life in silence, at least I put my inner voice on paper and suppressed the external voice, as well as the war I fought with the ongoing injustices in the world, at least with my child heart, I also felt the pain of the children who were hurt and killed. While they and many other people left their mark on my heart that I felt and bled.

With the short breaks I took during my journey and the foresight of being restless even during that rest period, I felt like I was dying even in the short periods of time I took a break from writing, and even imagining a point, not to put an end to it, makes me alone with the fact that the pain endured and my wound hurts unbelievably.

Loneliness and plural rhymes.

The possibility of owning the whole world, not just one person, is of course the world geography where I take the pulse of the universe in my inner journey, where I close my eyes and escape from my body and accompany me with every bit of it for a while.


Even if I'm not a person who travels a lot, I never imitate long journeys to and from.

Although it is considered contrary to me that I circumambulate the universe almost every night with my thoughts and imagination, while pecking like a domestic bird, without bodily action, I have released my feelings and an otherworldly trance that I did not intervene while writing. I have written about the dimensionlessness of the journey as well.

I was against it yesterday as well as today.

While people are consuming money, it's only my self that I actually consume, my humanity and my life when I go up the floor, even living side by side did not defeat me.

I am not a color, I am not a color, while my soul and heart are brighter than the rainbow, at least one of my feelings corresponds to any color, with this riot of colors I get out of the dark, even if I surrender to the darkness, hope necessarily brings me to the light...

And here my journey is over for now.

What remains of the suitcases in which I have packed my tears is what the pen will say in the next article while I wait with the peace of spreading the sea that corresponds to my existence on a few pages, and with curiosity.

But for this, I need an interaction and even if I don't get approval, I'm willing to get hurt, my feelings will grow again and I will fill my suitcase for a new brand new journey, and I won't even wait for it to be my turn because the road and the world in front of me are built on eternity and from where I was founded, a bird The beauty and happiness of approaching the gaze and observing cannot be easily compared with any other emotion…

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Written by   115
1 month ago
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