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Love is in our hands like an old song

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1 month ago
Topics: Poetry, Believe, Poem, Hope, Childhood, ...

I scatter your ashes to the wind. The wind takes you to the ocean. I hope peace in the ocean. They take you to a peaceful place, but far from me.

It's not easy for me to leave you. It hurts like I've been broken into a thousand pieces. Believe me, crying has never been so full in my life.

To see someone only in your dreams. Feeling on your skin like a little breeze. How long this feeling will stay with me, I don't know it anymore.

Everything is timed. What if time takes you away from my mind. What do I do then?

It wasn't the first time I hated God when he took you from me.

But it was the heaviest, the heaviest.

How can this anger be erased from me, will this wound in my heart heal, believe me, words are meaningless right now.

Being unaware of everything makes my job even more difficult.

The blessing of life with death.

It makes you question the meaning of even the things whose time has come. I want to cut myself into a thousand pieces and scatter in the ocean with your ashes. If there is something called peace, I want to meet there.

Wherever we are held captive, love remains in our hands like an old song.

Like dusty tunes on a broken record.

We persistently wanted to repair and listen to that song again, and every time it was just about to reach the harmony of the tunes, it was interrupted by the tune that was pleasing to the heart.

Our story went on like this for years. I neither believed that you would leave me nor that I could love you.

That's how it was!

It was like warming up on ice,

Cool off in the sun.

While one of us is growing old watching the moon and stars through the window that opens to hope.

The other side of us brazenly deceiving ourselves in the bosom of darkness; He lived a fake, fictional life, living happiness.

That's it.

We have polluted our hands reaching for love with separation,

our bodies rotten nights.

and our hearts with dark lace regrets.

Warming in the ice, cooling in the sun,

We tried to listen to our song on a broken record

Look now the years are screaming next to us

do you hear too

let's hear our vain hopes

We lost!

Don't ask what's best.

of course the best

Writing you over and over every day.

As a matter of fact

As I write you from the pen,

Sometimes I get jealous of paper.

Actually, I didn't think to write to you.

Two drops hit the glass,

In the distance thunder roared,

Rain on my thoughts

You came to my mind.

I said I remember you with the rain

In fact, every excuse

My thoughts run to you.

How should I know;

If I see a child's smile

Your dream falls on my heart.

I pause from time to time as I write.

Forgetting where I've been, diving into you

It's a strange thing

Dive into you as I write you.

It's like there's another you besides you.

You, where I live on one side,

On the one hand, you are the one I raised in my loneliness.

I put you in my dreams.

You know, lovers, in dreams,

It can be imagined better!

Irrelevance suffocates me. Carrying a life that I can't fill. Living with lies. Filling my crying face with lies.

I'm laughing, I have nothing.

Everything turns into chaos in my mind. Every scar I carry in my body is a chaos.

One does not smile by hurting.

For the sake of a smile, he does not inflict new wounds on his skin.

There can be no such nonsense.

I'm in such a resigned part of my life that nothing is good for me except ending it now, right now.

Get out of my darkness.

I've lived life by groping anyway, it wouldn't be hard for me to end it with a blind dive.

The day may be bright, but not inside us.

How many palaces do we have? How many thousand luxury class office vehicles? How many office planes are there in this country?

Let it be, of course.

How many firefighting helicopters and planes do you think we have?

My feet are walking towards the light...I know the time has come.

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Written by   102
1 month ago
Topics: Poetry, Believe, Poem, Hope, Childhood, ...
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