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Life never makes you dance and doesn't take risks for the future

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3 weeks ago

Such a bold statement! Life doesn't make you dance. Yes, a person of life, a person of destiny, destiny, that is, it does not make you dance out of nowhere. Well, then what should a person do, how should he act so that he can find happiness and achieve personal and social satisfaction.

When does life greet you with a smile?

He is generous to her.

Is there a reason why life does not encourage the individual to dance?

What does it mean when life doesn't make us dance?

Will we accept the fate that we do not know what will happen to us in the future?

What will we do in this situation?

Of course, we will invite life, our future to dance.

However, in order to be able to dance the future, the future, the economic, social and cultural life starting from the most basic needs that we have to continue as we breathe, our environment that integrates with us, which is our responsibility to live, and all events and adventures, we must first learn to dance with our destiny and our essence.

In fact, it is not enough to learn, we need to know it well and apply it very well by applying it to our lives.

Life never needs to make you dance. In order to be able to survive and struggle with your existence in life, which creates the realities of time and time flowing by your side like water, you must first see and accept the actual.

Instead of watching the social life we ​​live in as individuals from a distance, from the stands behind the barbed wire, we should definitely go down to the field and take risks, make room for ourselves, and make an effort to grab a leading role and a position.

With our actions; Even if we can't be the scriptwriter or writer of the destiny written on our own life, which is our only and our own, with the social, cultural and sportive activities we will do, our hobbies, simple practices and activities, and occupations such as writing-reading, we must have an editor, a proofreader, and be a favorite head of our lives.

In order to live a good and quality life and complete a happy journey in an honorable and virtuous life, you should always have a full saddlebag with you in your luggage, which will be needed when necessary, in order to fully and duly fulfill the responsibilities and duties imposed on you.

After getting out of bed in the morning and making the necessary preparations to go out, we encounter difficulties as soon as we step out of the doorway into the street. In order to be victorious in this struggle, we have the knowledge and experience that we have in our saddlebag, that is, the knowledge and experience that we have placed in our personality, character, soul, heart and brain with various educations and formations, we will need when we need our inner dynamics, values ​​that make us who we are, moral and human values, virtue and similar attitudes that we bring to ourselves. and we will need to know where and how to use behaviors. Qualities and adjectives such as justice, fairness, decency and chastity, honesty, conscience, compassion, love and respect determine our place in life, and our work determines our social and economic career.

If we want to be a sage of life, an alchemist, we must reflect the belief in a solid world, which we have obtained by refining the mentality of the universe, life, the reason and purpose of its creation, by distilling and brewing in our heart workshop, and then passing it through our own mental filter to our souls. To be a perfect person, to have a clear and transparent view of life, to be, is a job that is indexed to one's own thoughts and morals.

Those who have the courage and high self-confidence in their hearts can only live with the virtues they have, accompanied by those beautiful notes produced by the various instruments of the orchestra on the stage we call the world; some dance waltzes, some tango, some sprat. But somehow, he danced with life with the skill he learned, learned and developed, gained the skill of directing his life with the game he knew best, and even gave direction to his destiny.

If we stack the stones that nature gives us, for example, we build a thick castle wall between us and life. This is called arrogance, not liking the bottom, discriminating is seeing oneself above. However, instead of putting those precious stones on top of each other, if we stretch them forward like an arm and line them up step by step, we will have the opportunity to penetrate into the life that awaits us by establishing a bridge of friendship.

In this way, by touching the essence of the living thing in its nature, the divine order and order, and the heart of that living thing, the spirit of the being, we reach its tag and get to know it.

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Written by   102
3 weeks ago
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Life won't make us dance then force to dance LOL, beside when we were young or under the school activities they forced me thou hahaha. Life is a meant of choice for me. Nice write-up thou.

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3 weeks ago

Life won't make us dance then force to dance LOL, beside when we were young or under the school activities they forced me thou hahaha. Life is a meant of choice for me. Nice write-up thou.

I love to write about life. Thanks

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3 weeks ago