I spend my days without her in silence

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1 year ago

I have a story and it is neither the beginning nor the end of my story.

How should I tell you or how should I start my words!

Those who have suffered the wrath of love are now slaves to their fears.

See sometimes the sky, sometimes the warm breeze, especially the stormy state of love,

It's you, it's a war trying to be it, it's starting from scratch and still going on,

A kind of war of humanity.

You neutralize each other and continue as people in love...

By the way, let me tell you that you are guarding the gate of hell,

Neither weeks have days, nor weeks of the year,

The heat of the embers is always next to you...

That's my acceptance, you say, that's what it means to me, you say...

Love makes people different, sheds their hair and takes their breath away, sort of;

It's like a yoga class, you just do what others do and try to keep up.

But I can't say that it is the most beautiful moments of life, these moments end so quickly that you don't even know how they went...

Alone; I understand;

The probability of love to live long is very small, time is very short time...

Under the most beautiful sky in the world, except when you're with him and he's with you, you're always alone...

In your lover's unopened arms, in this fire of my own, will I burn myself?


Am I to blame for my misfortunes in this world?

He liked to hide himself,

I didn't say she was as beautiful as Jasmine,

It has no ideology, nor a compass,

No! Isn't that the scariest thing?

What would I do if I were in your place?

Trying to imagine what's going on in your mind too.

How could I have been so stupid enough to fall in love, it spread like a contagious intrusion.

Am I not making a difference enough, am I not committed enough, why the reservations?

Now I have convinced myself that it is imperative that I live without her...

However, when he was on my knees, I wanted to show him the constellations.

I loved him so much that it hurts, even though he is not with me, I try to convince myself that this world is more beautiful because he is in it.

Love enters your life like stars, in the world they say it's a lived experience;

I didn't want it to remain an experience.

Now it's like I'm surfing on waves that don't know stagnation...

You can't feel like you're sharing something forever when you're feeling all alone,

And everything beautiful hurts in some way.

If we move forward alone, our soul and the rays of the sun will not bind us to our loved ones, we will be weak when we have the strength, and the fire in the heart will always continue to burn...

It was the feelings that the excitements insisted on, that it would be great to do something together.

Emotions are not fair,

Always the same difficulties, our days keep getting narrower, I can't make my heart listen. I am consumed. Can she give back my days without her? Can he give back my dream?

I can't get it out of my mind, same, white walls!

Relationship means compromise.

This has been a task for me!

His love was bleak like deep waters,

It's not easy, I can't analyze it, I can't get out of it now...

From the beginning of the encounter process to this day,

Like a gypsy who curses me with his eyes, my thoughts are cursed, my efforts are unrequited...

In its own shell, it was not released into nature...

His love made me sad as much as drama series. Her black hair is so long.

And it smelled like sea water in the cool air.

I think about it every night!

One could not love!

If it was accompanied by the voice of my heart,


It has started again, the side effect of pain and love!

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1 year ago


In relationship there is compromise. But if it just for one person then its not good in relationship.

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1 year ago

In relationship there is compromise. But if it just for one person then its not good in relationship.

I agree

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1 year ago