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I lived without changing, forgetting the past and the present

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1 month ago

Life passes, years pass through your life.

They say among the people, life passes.

It will pass, but something will not pass you by. It's your habit, it doesn't go away, you can't give up. Sometimes your stuff is your life that you couldn't fit in a book, or your half that you left somewhere..

You either stayed in the place where you left it, or you left it somewhere.


The one who leaves goes, the rest becomes rain and falls on your heart.

A person belongs to the place where he is loved, regardless of the passing of time.

Painter projects his own picture onto his canvas

If he lives as long as his heart, out of this world. Without imposing rules on the painting on the canvas.

So are the writers.

Aren't we all writers?

Some of us write their lives,

Some of us plan and live the unique life they taste.

Some of them have a broken tip, waiting to be opened.

Someone's life page is over without ever being written or living.

Good or bad, right or wrong, you live this life and you breathe.

The place where you will leave your breath without thinking

you just build the future.

You live things without changing them, forgetting the past and the present.

You waste the breath of life,

That is the wealth of the heart.

Maybe life consists of the way you look at it and the things it directs you to.

I want to embellish the stars with beads, speak in the wind, make your hair princess

I want to comb the collars and comb their hair with roses.

Love is the master of fires.

Hope is like water and it is fertile.

The power of the sun is like the power of love.

They're vaccinating people! They don't give vaccines.

Our brain power told us to love each other.

I found a love that will lift the deserts.

The life and greenery in love is not found anywhere else.

Love and affection are more beautiful because they cannot be interfered with.

You take a look, you are on the right of life, or you are on the left.

And you looked, you're finally here.

Maybe you are still in the way of the breath you call life.

Have you ever seen that endless beauty in smiling eyes?

Especially those roses that bloom in dimples.

Such a bond is established from heart to heart that no power can break it.

A mother looks after her child with that love. It is love that makes the sacrifice alive for its offspring without blinking an eye.

When love enters a heart, it makes things that are said impossible happen. He does what is said to be impossible. It is always that love that makes the deserts smile, that makes the mountains pierce, that burns like a burning flame.

Babies grow with love. They need it like mother's milk.

Bees, butterflies, insects carry it from flower to flower. From tree to tree.

Hearts will be happy with it. Hearts find peace with it.

The bond that binds the poor to the rich, slave to the sultan is always that magic potion.

The place where love enters is bright and spacious.

He drives away oppression. It fills all sides with light.

It is peace, it is happiness, it is bliss.

Where it is, there is no place for hatred, anger, violence.

Let's fill our hearts with that precious elixir.

Let's distribute it to everyone.

For the black hearts.

Concrete hearts.

To the frowning.

For those who have no mercy.

To people.

To the humans.

It's also free to get.

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Written by   126
1 month ago
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