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I expel those who are likely to leave from my soul

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2 months ago

I'm aware that my eyeglasses have increased in the last few years.

I mourn my old low glasses trick.

I don't have the luxury of going to the doctor myself, I don't particularly like the measurement of glasses full of germs, but my cold hands tell me other things.

I miss the days when I played the piano as if that wasn't enough.

I'm writing in a hurry. Actually no!

Do I love in a hurry, but out of nowhere?

This is also the wrong question and the answer is unpretentious, but I'm still looking for an elegant answer.

I don't care about my mind while I'm spoiling it with coming and going, but now I'm kicking out those who are likely to leave, while also preventing them from entering thanks to that huge hat I put on the door to the chimney.

I'm not worried about the favorite words that do the most in word inflation, either, I guess I'm skipping rope in the poignant lines of the time when I postponed going back to the beginning after I wasted.

My flirt attached to my hair is like the wind, the clouds that darken before the downpour, and I'm in love with this wind, moreover, I have no idea who it is, and there is no tail pain in this wind.

I command my mind, which is tingling with menthol longing:

Stop thinking.

He also never likes spelling mistakes and being incredibly nervous.

And those who make fun of me by implication.

But what's all this to me? I do what I want, write and love, moreover, as a bonus, while I opened a separate file for the ones I hate, and loving words were cut in the rush of friends, while he spared his mercy, supposedly loving people.

Those who knock on the door of my house or try to raid my house with empty words or full stirrings.

While my head is getting angry, I never blush and I reproach the people of the world that I am isolated in the accompaniment of an article in which I minimize my literary anxiety.

Is it my order that they rule?

Or those who protest me, whatever emotion is stacked in my soul?

my identity.

While I have already settled my identities, and I have come to live the most comfortable period of my life with annotation to live carefree...

The incubators are laying eggs one after the other, and I understand from the flowing white of the cracked egg that the evil has miscarried again.

People deceived by my silence.

Those who are even jealous of the enthusiasm in my voice.

Wherever it came from, I can't help but tell it now.

My dear friend, whom I opened the doors of my home and my heart in our long friendship, then the one who gave me a lot of air and smiles with the power of financial sanction in the bottleneck I fell into and in that long dark corridor.

Then our friendship exploded when I said that I gave private lessons to his nephew.

What happens next…

Years later, my friend called me and gave me a brief order, in a style that did not fit into the title of request, and I translated dozens of pages in one night and looked into her eyes to see if she would be my friend again.



Sometimes I can't come up with words for people: ah, those hopeless people.

When one of the weather vanished into history like a floating balloon and I was still worrying about my glasses number, I came into the eye and my glasses fell apart.

Actually, that's not our point.

The truth is, dear friends…

A miracle that suddenly came true after so much destruction.

At the end of the troublesome process, I came to my mind, of course, when the wind was quite strong and blowing in the opposite direction, and my memory that I turned inside out, and my sub-memory, and finally, this time when the wind stopped in a confidant climate, I blew the wind.

While I ate my mind with cheese and bread, as a result of the revelation coming from above, I could not find peace without scribbling something every day and even the peace I found lost my peace.

Whatever is going on and here is the figurative presence of Divine Peace.

Not today.

Not yesterday at all.

My feelings, my runaway soul and my faith, but lately there have been so many things that I can't understand, and I can't stop thinking about it because I'm tired of getting sick.

While one of my friends said that I had evil eye, another emphasized that the solution of the problem was in prayers, well, while I have always practiced this for a lifetime.

While I can't get out of a painful period and I look forward to it.

While I can't put my best behind with the excitement and enthusiasm inside me.

My Divine Confidence, my color and my nature and my prayer.

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Written by   201
2 months ago
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The eyes are the windows of the souls. You have spoken deep and different topics in here. Let each reader get their own interpretation.

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2 months ago

The eyes are the windows of the souls. You have spoken deep and different topics in here. Let each reader get their own interpretation.

Thank you for your contribution

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2 months ago