I don't look at people and lie just so they'll approve of me

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I am on the throne of dreams, dear stranger.

I am a fire that silence hears!

I hug the mature body of my inner voice and mature ears, while the guide of the life spent in social life is the one that springs from me.

I just feel and know what others don't see.

The barley barn of my mind.

Free travel and positive negative words.

I have just discovered that I am hidden in purgatory and I have only just realized that my red blood cells are actually eating their white blood cells.

I'm full, I'm full to the brim, I still do the loading and checking of your life and I rewind at every cry.

I don't have my own subset.

I am identical, there is not one climate, one person.

The divisive truths and the lies told while looking me in the eye...

The domineering invasion of the universe and also and I somehow heal the pain and sadness inside me, like an additional tax that is accrued, as well as the so-called discount on food.

Since these last few days, I have been leading a boycott hidden in the dominion of the Creator and the ruling destiny and the void dreams...

After all, the firing squad is ready and I never like waiting for the bus at the bus stop.

I am not the rich daughter of the Fairy King, on the contrary, I am the Fairy King himself, and while I presented my feelings on a golden platter, should I be in favor of people and the cruel devil with high heels, or should I be sad that I burned the ships?

Everywhere, everybody everywhere.

Such a raid that it turned into an epidemic on earth.

Who knows what pressure of my love and here I am back from the pole again.

Silence, dear stranger?

Do not be surprised by the adjective "beloved" that I put on the subject's head even though I do not know you, because I never approach strangers with prejudice, moreover, I am so sure that strangers will not hate me: well, eat the stake for a lifetime, eat:

They did not get enough. What about me?

I am resistant to hunger, dear stranger, and no matter how you look at it, who knows how many meals I missed in a lifetime, and the rhythm of the advice I gave ear to ear.

What is our topic?

There is no issue, there are thousands of them, while I can't decide where to start anymore, so I left my soul, mind and body to the flow of life.

Why am I writing?

There is no explanation for this, and I do not write for anyone, although until recently, it was enough for me to read only a few people, but I disqualified this thought.

I am whole.

I'm whole.

I am a fire extending from minus to plus digits, and my destination is of course eternity.

The one I display with my identity and stance? Well, I'm not like the ripe fruit in front of the market counter, on top of that, when the market uncle fills you with your bruises and you are so sure that you bought the freshest fruit...

I seem to hear you say, "This won't be that much", actually I read what's going through your mind, especially after how many nights have my dreams come true.

I neither make it up nor make it up: I just respectfully obey the presentation of the universe and do what I have to do, as I always do in a lifetime.

It is not known who owns both money and faith, but today, everyone lives at the highest rank and declares that they live as they should, and those who lie while looking into our eyes, of course, as always, otherwise, would all this rebellion, so much murder, corruption and deceit be popular?

Really, does it matter who you are, by the way, or to whom I think I'm telling all this, and here's my breaking point and the one I got rid of at the last moment.

I should have been chosen the sucker of the year, of course, I was the sucker of the village and the city, after all, I carried out the tasks that I had undertaken for a lifetime, moreover, I did not receive a penny and I also gave a lot of myself while spending it out of pocket. can't touch me and nobody can put me under suspicion, and am I successful in that?

Thank God, my forehead is open, dear stranger and no one can enter my personal private space, though miserable and selfless hypocrites are too eager to peck me, do I give them credit?

Apparently weak.

He's apparently frail.

Apparently incompetent.

No, I will never allow that, and any miserable person who gave me the power has already learned his lesson and will get it in God's sight.

I can be considered incompatible from time to time because I don't imitate someone in order to be accepted in a group or society, or look at people I don't like and lie just so they'll approve of me, I never lied but I will never tell them, I don't give up my respect for them just so that someone won't get hurt, and here's what I fell into. The last situation is that I was under suspicion just because our ideas didn't match, and my slander and dignity were slandered.

I neither plagiarize nor cite, I do not write, of course, when necessary, I cite the quotations as a source and write my article with the heart of my mind.

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