Everyone is the Architect of Their Own Fortune

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2 years ago

Be brave. Open windows outside of the area where you feel comfortable. This is the only way to meet different worlds. If I had always stood in my place, not looking for people who would change my world, I wouldn't be the one you know today. The moment a person is finished is the moment when he is captive to sluggishness. One has to risk giving up on his comfort. He must move his own world.

Right to Life - Poetry

A road exists by walking in one direction.

Every road has a direction; but

a determined direction drawn from the very beginning

had it not been, the road would never have been.

A person walking on an uncertain road,

Sometimes he forgets to even walk

even walking becomes uncertain.

Comes a distracted acrobat from the sea of ‚Äč‚Äčlate hours.

Blows the lamp, lay beside me crying.

Below is a blind woman, my relative.

I do not know in a language, frank.

A heavy butterfly on his chest.

What is needed first in order to live a lifetime properly and to enjoy every moment? How many periods does human life consist of and what should be experienced in each period? Why are ages 15, 25, 40 and 55 years old? What can a person learn from? How is it possible to raise yourself? How should a person choose his / her profession? What is needed to become a specialist and to work with that specialized knowledge?

How and when is a language best learned? How should we work to get the most efficient result? What educational model should a responsible person look for for himself or his children? What kind of people should be sought and found to add value to life? Who should listen the most to make the right decisions?

Beautiful You Are Cat - Poetry

To touch with one finger

Cat is a little big animal.

Value per tail,

It spins in a circle

And the answers are caressing.

But nights, one sees your eyes

Pale, innate only abilities.

These eyes are so big they don't hide

And so heavy for the lost wind of dreams.

When the cat dances

This is to isolate your prison

And when you think

It goes up to the wall of your eyes.

There are many cats in my new neighborhood. I put food on my cats, and when I turn my back, they come in two by three and eat the food on the plate. Where is he going, I say this food, I say he is going to a certain place. How many times I saw with my eyes I caught cats eating. I see the plate is empty. Maybe I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it with my eyes; but I saw the cats eating food. From my point of view, for my benefit, the most appropriate solution for my good; chase away cats from outside. I will chase and drive away the cats that come from outside. I have to do this. I have three cats. If another cat comes, I will not have money to eat, no clothes to wear, and I will starve. Currently I am already standing on loan money.

I jumped on the subject a little bit, but I wanted to write what's inside.

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2 years ago


what a miraculous writing and they way you combine poetry with writing it is highly appreciated:)

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2 years ago

I liked that you combine the thoughts in the article with poetry. Good move

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2 years ago

Thanks. I write different works

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2 years ago