Because children have no prejudices

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We hear conversations that we are actually different people. The main thing is the heart. If our hearts are not broken and you can love cleanly, you are the real you. The only thing that does not change is the heart. In fact, everything is just a prejudice.

Acting with prejudice is actually everyone's motto. You create a line in your brain and that line displays your mindset. What we call the brain is actually limited. However, you can break the prejudices in a snap. Anchor buckling comes in right at this point. In fact, you see people with your prejudices. The entity you see is actually your prejudices.

A biased brain shows that you are not really yourself. Because children have no prejudices. Children get along well with everyone. However, for a person who cannot greet, this shows that you are a person who acts with prejudices. A person full of prejudices is like a person who wears blinders. The entity we call blinders is also present in every human being.

Our perceptions can be corrected. Perceptions vary. In fact, one day what we perceive as bad may be perceived as good. In fact, people do not always live with the same perceptions. This is what we call selective perception. It's like choosing different colors from the same ones. If all colors are the same, it does not attract attention and people's eyes get used to it. But when it is a different color, people can notice it.

When a person who is sad every day becomes happy one day, it is like the happiest day in the world for him. It is the same with seeing extraordinary situations among mediocre ones. A person who strives to turn a mediocre life into an extraordinary one must spend at least one day different, which is not possible for a person whose every day is the same.

I've never seen lavender fields,

But I know the smell of longing.

us and our relationship,

Contrasted, humorous and pathetic.

I can not forget you,

You don't remember me.

It would be nice if you were happy.

Forget about me

I'm writing,

Believe me, I feed off of drama.

The fact that a person who listens to the same song every day gets bored and listens to different songs one day also explains this. For example, when you enter a perfume shop, you may not even be able to breathe. However, this is not the case for those who work there. This is called a habit.

The event we call awareness also occurs here. We need to be exposed to different colors in order to be noticed. For example, when I study, I use each paper in a different color. Because every different color of paper actually means new information. Because people who perceive a new color easily perceive the information. If you use every different colored paper, your awareness will be higher. In this way, you acquire knowledge consciously.

So is man. A person who is faced with the same issue every day starts not to react after a while. It is remarkable that a person who wears the same color shirt every day wears a different color one day. Mediocrity and difference. If all colors are the same, it doesn't attract much attention. Even if you use different tones, you cannot detect it. It has to be a different color so that you can be remarkable. You should wear different colors every day so that you can raise awareness. Because if everyone is the same, your value will not decrease if you are different, you just feel that you are different. Because each person is unique and valuable in himself.

Everyone is valuable as an individual. But to know value is not for people, but for God. As a result, whether you are different or the same, the value is only what you are in the sight of Allah. Value matters what you are in the sight of God. True freedom is being able to respect it even if you are different or the same. The real value is to be able to realize that you are only a servant in the sight of God, even if it is not respected.

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