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A Love Story From The Winter Months That Warms My Heart

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2 months ago

He slowly reached his seat. He took the shawl from her chair over her shoulders. A darkening from the past appeared before his eyes and he began to feel cold. He rubbed his hands and wrapped his shawl once more. The cold did not go away. He glanced at the clock on the wall. The minutes seemed lost in the well of time. As the darkness drew near, a young girl of seventeen appeared. It should be chirpy, as if; He seemed weary of life and prematurely aged. There was not an iota of life energy in his body. Morning prayer had begun. Since he had done her ablution before, she immediately laid down his prayer rug and started to pray. After he finished her prayer and took his prayer rug off the floor and put it in her closet, he took her rosary and went to the same corner of her chair. The frost of the morning began to show itself.

He was convinced that getting up and turning on the stove would cure her cold. After a while she gave up on it. This chill wasn't about his body. Clearly, his soul was cold and he was aching terribly. She, the young girl, tried to warm her soul with her loving gaze. Could this stiffened soul keep warm after all these years? A poem came to mind, and it got stuck in his tongue.

You came to my drought with the rain,

Love was the leaf of my heart in every branch,

Dive into the color of your eyes...

I was like a nightingale who lost her voice.

Your face hasn't smiled at me for a long time,

Like a wave, I hit the cement,

I carry the loneliness of a big city in my soul,

I didn't know the sea was cold in my hands.

An unknown enthusiasm arose in his heart, and his heart stirred. She almost got up and danced. What was keeping him from dancing?, he was exhilarated and very pleased with the mood. He winked at the clock on the wall and smiled sincerely at the young girl on the scene of life. He showed his nobility in his seat when he got up. Head high, shoulders back, he took small steps towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, she made herself a cup of coffee.

He grabbed his coffee and went straight to his desk. He listed his must-read books and took a sip of his coffee with pleasure. He did not forget to make a list of things to do. He was very surprised by this situation. This time; that famous forgetfulness did not take hold, and the interesting thing is; He began to remember that young girl too.

This familiar face was exactly himself. How much he had missed this late girl and wanted to hug him tight. He should show his love by hugging him. Years wait a moment, take a rest in my youth. The first thing that came to mind was the love of youth and there was a poem written for him in his language. How those green eyes met his brown ones. That youth that started with a slur and passed like a poem. The madness of love in its veins... The collection of the meaning of life in a single person. A sparrow that fell from the garden of heaven, opening his eyelids in his soul, causing him to love green even more.

Love spring in your green eyes

See and choose my heart

Touch my bruised soul

Lightning strikes my darkness

Do I have another lie with you

Do I have a sky in the garden of heaven

i'm old i have white in my hair

I didn't forget you, you have me on your cheek

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Written by   123
2 months ago
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