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ZEN jumps up to $12 | HORIZEN Price Analyze

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1 year ago

Horizenis a brutally stable project and every trader should know when ZEN's price is down fast, it's just an opportunity to get some profit. There is no question about Horizen stability, it's one of the most fascinating projects on the Blockchain.

However, let's see how ZEN's price fluctuated these days...

As we can see, somewhere on 20th November it's jumped from $6 to almost $18 in a few days then it was dropped to $12 and jumped to $15 in a few days, too. After that, it's started to falling for a while but it was about the time when humans will remember Horizen's existence and started to buy it as they started a few days ago. I remembered at the same time when all other traders - on 11th December 🎄

This green spot on the red dip can be named Perfect Trade Time, right?

However, the goal of this analysis is to see will ZEN's rice continue to grow or it is about to fall. Right now, I think it's not stopped with rising, so we can wait for a few more days.

But at this moment, there is no news or announcements about new moves, and ask or sell orders dominates against bids, so we can expect a few low dips maybe down to 10$ but it's shouldn't be because I think that way 🤔🤪

There are no worries about falling because this jump from November is just beginning and now ZEN will hit much bigger than $19 but will see.

If you have some ideas about Horizen, please leave your opinion in the comments.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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