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Focus Improvement Strategy (my story)

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1 year ago

Okay, by that I mean this article could hurt your boredom because the content should be longer than ever created before, in my history of course.

Warning: This content may not contain any sense and can be very interesting

I need to stay focused as long as ever, even forever. Transcribe minds flow and write down everything I can. Doesn't matter is it weird or deep shit. Do you understand or even I... The goal is to stay focused for a while and survive. It's interesting, by the way!

Whatever the reason is, the idea is phenomenal.

My dude, this man... My inspiration, Mr. @TheRandomRewarderTheRandThTheRandomRewarderTheRandTharderTheRandThTheRandomRewarderTheRan, the soundtrack, show, wrestling. I mean I'm sorry. I admit this is too much. Please don't kill me, I'm not a terrorist,

I'm a regular human with no kids and no wife or girlfriend. No cars or no house and no plan or no idea. I'm a great writer, by the way. I use to learn a lot. Storytelling, interviews, movies, brands, Books, Mails, songs, business plans and presentations, reports... But nobody knows, no one is part of that.

I tell about nothing to anyone. Maybe a little bit to my 5 years older brother. But even to him, I show just what I'm doing. If I write English content on some platform that pays me for it, I can show him a screenshot of earning statistics, or something. No one knows my goals.

I'm a bad human with no time and no idea about what to do. I'm a human with overclocked minds. Full Disk Space. But, don't take me as that serious. I'm kidding, or do I? Concentration is very different from focus. I'm not sure but it could be, right?


I'm 25 right now but I'm already trying to write a book for a while. I trying to be a blogger, author, writer and I learn about it. Imagine me for 5 years... I'm 30 you know. I go to walk in a mega yellow suit on a very strange bike. You can't imagine that, don't be a fool.

I'm serious about everything no matter how cringe I am or how intently stupid. Fact is I'm young and I act how fact leads me. You can't say anything against me because I'm more interesting than the average human. Sorry, I used to experiment with ego for a while, and now I must feed him sometimes. Just don't tell anyone, okay?!

I forget to warn you about the content or, yes I did notify you. Great!

So, how do we gonna start this #experiment, and we aren't done with this step, right? Why you don't tell me anything? At least you can slap me in the face. Just wake me up! Okay?

Now, this is serious shit. I have the opportunity to do whatever I imagine because I write right now. We can say whatever we want by writing. That's the goal of this article. To improve writing skills and set the record on and become a blogger with longer content. Other goals could be training thinking skills, spreading good & positive message.

I need to be famous but not because of ego but because of "fans" you know. I know that I know many important things to think about. I'm good you know, even if I'm bad sometimes. I don't hate other humans and I love every one of them. Now I must tell you something you should know but it has to be interestingly done, even if looks weird.

I'm too young for that shit, hah. Last night when we waited for the delivery, the package you know. It's a very good product, brand new on the market. We waited for a while when my bro said to me "I'm too old for this shit".

He is, actually. I know that he needs to do something with his life more than I. He's 30 and he's an older version of me but much more stable, experienced and wiser. I'm newer and surely have many bugs but I'm too long here. Too long waiting for something bigger can be relatively tough but it's worth it.

In the end, I can't be normal.

I am a crazy guy who does nothing like everyone because I need to be different. I'm sure it's key to become a purely natural human. I want to stop doing what I don't want to do. I am a bot sometimes, you know. I am... So we should believe when someone talks about their own insanity. Do we?

Honestly, all of this is because I don't know what to talk about. I can write about anything but I can't decide. I don't have to decide, the goal is to set a record not to write about something. I will use this opportunity to throw out everything from my head that's useful or bad. If I think I'm bad or stupid, I'll gonna say it because showing up our weak spots we setting us should feel better and maybe they will not be our weak spots anymore. Who knows? So let's figure out, this is an experiment after all.

Should we do anything to do something?

From this moment, a new update to this content is asking questions. No matter are they useless or important. I'm kidding... Maybe. Maybe I'm not. Is my choice, right. But I don't believe that I would. It's too bad and can lose sense of purpose. I will write down just important and interesting questions. Okay?

Nothing is forever and don't worry Im not that happy to create infinity content. This will end someday, I promise you.

But, hey...

Thing is that I don't know how large is a larger article on this platform so I must write that long as I can. It doesn't have to be 10 hours long to read. The longer article here isn't longer than 20 minutes to read. Even if I don't break the record I will try again and if this article requests 20 minutes and I don't break it, next should be 1h long article. That would be something and Im pretty sure there is not any bigger article here than this. But even if it can be I'll try again... I would!

How I can break or set a record as a writer with a longer article, here or on the planet - does not matter? There is one way. Write as long as you can, baby boy... There is no other way.

Am I scared? Who am I?

It is scary, by the way! What if I cant? How do I even start? What would I do and what I'm supposed to do? Asking two questions with only one question mark. How many questions can contain just one question? Sorry, Im high right now...

I was high when I started to write the title of this article. Look that, young man... That title is written by a high human? Is this detail you need to use against me? Would it change everything? If someone read this write down your BCH or any crypto address in the comment section and I will send him a few bucks 😇😂

I'm a good man... Even if I'm not.

Fuck... How much I need to stay focused? Is there any data that can be useful in that field? Am I already win? How long I'll ask questions? No that long? Oh, great! #thanks

Yes, I can write about trading cryptos and that trip. Nice!

Trading is an amazing sport. Profitable. Easy. Constant. Spiritual sport. Mental tournament. War of ideas. Every second in a day is full of millions of transactions. Every second million members play and everyone wants to win. The fact is, few of them will win. 90% or more players will be disqualified, injured because they did not play fairly and they weren't carefully done their job, mission...

Let's go, @trader - do it..

There is a large world behind the walls and it's funny, actually. Most payable job and most active industry, it's surely hard as fuck. Of course, it is! Just like everything else. Hard as fuck, bro. Can I give some excuse to avoid hard and tuft situations? I would rather stay here where I'm not happy than do something hard.

Funny, as I said.

But trading is not hard in a way which I consider myself about hard work. It's not hard work, it's just complicated to understand.

Trading is fast shit, you know. There is a price war every second. The price is never the same. Every moment you can lose and win. Losers rarely win but winners just rarely lose. It's complicated, as I said.

I don't know what's trading. Hunting bounties. Investors battleground. I know because I'm in it.

But trading is definitely my dream job.

Buying and selling cryptos or parts of companies is a great game. You have hundreds, even millions of products to follow and trade their value. The fact is that just one product could be a jackpot many times in one day.

Let's use one crypto for example. Or let's say there is a website or application where is public price voting for every coin or token. What people think about the price, will it rise or it must fall.

I am an innovator, I need to invent something. I could be happy only if I make something that generates profit totally automated. Make money from something doing nothing.

I am Muslim, too. I don't like anything which is forbidden by God. So I like to do right that which he ordered. I don't know what I saying right now but I am Muslim, indeed. I do not hate. I do not fight with anyone. I am willed to help. I believe in God every moment in my life. Right now if someone breaks into this apartment with a goal to makes me say that I don't believe in him, he will never pass his mission. I changed a lot because of him, you know. I believed and he shows me secret signs. Bright them with something. And I am thankful. I am...

But to be something you can't just focus on one thing and do it. Focus can be where we want at the moment but the concentration must be on one mission.

That's it for today. I write this whole day man, I think I just hacked my focus system so I am happy. Tomorrow I'll write more if God wants the same. Don't worry, I think he wants. Bye!

Okay, I can't stay any longer on this article, I know it for some reason. So, until the next experiment, thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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Nice story

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