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Brain Research Time (Thinking and Overthinking Explained)

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1 year ago

The last thing we can doubt is thinking and conversation with ourselves. It's impossible to prove or see but it exists and it's endless. The question is how we think and why we have those voices in our heads...

I think about it for a while and it's an amazing field to explore, so let's do it!

Brain... Do you remember what it is? It's the engine of our body. Ultra-advanced technology. Perfect creation. It's the most amazing thing in this world. And guess what? Every one of us owns one.

Minds capacity is our Disk Drive, mega fast SSD with infinity available space. I think that the mind's capacity is where we should start when we speak about thinking. It's all begins from that.

What we see and hear goes to our mind's capacity and stays there forever. I mean, our brain saves everything we see or hear, and all of that becomes our thoughts. Now it's crucial for having conversations or work properly. When we speak, our brain sends us what we need at that moment from its capacity. But he sends us the best of what he has, right. That's why we should watch what we look and hear, where we go and what we read.

Thinking is just the progress of processing stored information. We constantly process all of that to get something we need or something we want. Constantly we need something from our brain. To walk, talk, do something, imagine, or whatever. The brain is active in every moment and he's active a lot.

Now, I must say that I'm not sure, right? If we watch it from a religious perspective we will say it's a devil who does everything to make our life harder. But, it can be an ego or alter-ego, too.

It even can be an echo of thinking progress. If we dive into our heads and listen to it, you know, maybe we can hear it.

Imagine a brain that processes every information or thought we ever received or had. All those thoughts sound. If we think we hear them but if we focus on something then we don't listen to that progress.

However, this is just one of my new crazy theory and you should believe in the devil or ego. They want us to make bad moves.

The goal of this article is not to explain anything. I just wanted to give you quick imagination of the field that we must explore and do something with it because everything starts from our brain and thinking.

Thanks for your priceless attention and have a good life!

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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