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Binance will launch PSG & JUV Fan Tokens before New Year

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1 year ago

Paris Saint-Germain *PSG* and Juventus *JUV* Fan Tokens? Yes, the Binance team never stops to surprise humans with their projects, right?

Welcome to my new article where I will talk about my first serious stake ever and I'll introduce you to this project in general, so let's start.

I exchanged everything for BNB's to Stake them 😱

Sport is not my thing but I had a bigger instinct ever since I started to trade. I have 2 before and both were perfect trades. I believe in my instinct because of that and so I choose to do it when I think I should.

This time I exchange around 50 XRP's - 0.03 ETH and 1.8 ZEN with few more random tokens for around 2.5 BNB coins to stake them equally on PSG and JUV fan tokens. I won't stake them until Launchpool ends, that's about 30 days.

The staking earning percentage is not shown yet but I did it because to get these tokens before they launched.

Here is a screenshot of PSG staking:

JUV Fan token screenshot:

Im too excited about this and I thinks I'll make a nice profit with this.

More details about these Binance's Fan Tokens?

Just see this screenshot from Binance's announcement:

To see more details, please go on the link under and read the full article:

Thanks for your attention and have a good life!

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Written by   29
1 year ago
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