I love cooking but whom will i feed?

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2 years ago

We put up business which we know that its our interest and we do love to attend on our daily routine. But in our situation right now whom are you going to feed if people around you is afraid of this pandemic COVID-19. Why?

This pandemic is driving me crazy. What is going to happen if this continues badly. If i ever got chance to deal with the person who invented this virus, I would tell him/her god gave you wisdom to do good things. If given a second chance in your life are still going to do things that you've done? And you know the action of yours affects me my dream but not only me the entire world actually.

Instead of making everybody suffer ehy not come to me and I'll feed you all recipies that I love to cook. For you not to able to think things like this kind of virus but instead you will appreciate my cooking.

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