Good Morning

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2 years ago

Morning is the happiest day to me.

Because God gave us another day to spend. To do work.Exercise and everything we like to spend the day.

Before i woke up in the Morning first i do is Pray and give thanks to God.

second is make some delicious Breakfast for my Family.

Third is make some clean our home and restaurant.

fourth is im going to Market to buy some our everyday needs.

Fifth is going some picking to our small Vegetable farm.then go to the River and catch some fresh Fish.

So i thank God to the every Good morning i heard to my Family because i live one day again.

so we thank God to the every good morning he gave us.

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Are you awake now so that we pray together and worship Our Father in heaven

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2 years ago

yes awake and alive thanks to you

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2 years ago