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Father's Love..!!💕💕

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6 months ago


A.o.A Guys i Hope You All Are Fine And Doing Well.

Today i am here to share some lines about parents.

The mother is a person for whom a lot is written, indeed the greatness of the mother is great but there is another person who is as respectable as the mother and as loving and caring as the mother, but this person Very little is written about the name of this entity when I was six years old. My father knows everything when I was ten years old. My fathers are very good but just a little angry when I was twelve. My father was very good when I was fourteen years old. I think my father became very sensitive when I was sixteen years old. My father is not familiar with the requirements of the modern era. When I was eighteen years old, my father. I have a growing lack of endurance when I was twenty years old. It is very difficult to spend time with my father. I don't know how my poor mother has been living with him for so long when I was twenty five years old. There is an objection to everything that I do when I was thirty years old. Mutual consent with my father is a very difficult task. S is When I was forty, Abu raised me with very good principles, I should raise my children in the same way. When I was 45 years old, I wondered how Abu had raised us all so well. When I was fifty years old, training children is a very difficult task for me. I don't know how much pain Abu must have gone through in our education and upbringing. When I was 55 years old, my father was very wise and far-sighted and he had a great plan for our upbringing and education. When I am sixty years old, my father is the best. Consider that it took fifty-six years to complete this circle and finally it came to the first step that my father is the best. And why aren't they good? They worked hard to make our lives better, to give us peace of mind, and always put a shadow of their compassion on our heads like the shade of a tree.

Thanks for reading.

Stay blessed and always love your father as he is hero for everyone.

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Written by   36
6 months ago
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Indeed a father is a person who loves his kids alot but never show it to them. He is a person who always fight for his children happiness and sacrifice to fulfill their kids demands. May God gives health and long life to our fathers.

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6 months ago