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A Princess..!!

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7 months ago

Hello All User I hope you all are fine.

Today I came with the new and Intresting Story.

Have a look on it dear.

In the jungles of Egypt, a prince grazed a few goats and lived on the milk and fruits of the forest. He was a prince, but he was neither arrogant nor glorious.

He lived like a normal human being. He ate dry food and spent most of his time in the service of his subjects and in the remembrance of God. His good conduct was talked about in Kapoori state. He inherited these qualities from his compassionate father. According to him, after hearing the problems of his subjects in the forest, in need of the world, in the memory of God, he saw a poor lumberjack chopping wood with his donkey and talking to him even though he knew that The donkey is neither listening nor understanding and the guard began to cry.

The prince was astonished to see that the lumberjack cut the wood daily, talked to the donkey a few times, and then burst into tears. He came out of the woods and asked the lumberjack: O lumberjack, what is the reason for your bullying like this? The poor old man, the compassionate man, began to weep bitterly and tell the story of his misfortune with sobs.

I had a son, whom God had blessed with immense wealth. Kaish was available to him in every way, but this wealth of Kaghroor had overwhelmed his body to such an extent that he could see nothing but his own wealth. He would push his poor relatives, humiliate them.

Then her ruin came and a relative of my time came from another state to be my housewife, thinking that they could do their own thing in difficulty. She was very poor. Her daughter's marriage was imminent but no arrangement was made. She needed some money, she was a good servant of Allah, she spent most of her time in worship, but my son was blinded by the intoxication of wealth, he kicked this woman out of the house.

That was the time when our ruin began. That night there was a red wind, lightning and heavy rain. Merabita and I were sleeping soundly on our soft bed, and that woman was crying all night at our door, a strong storm and night. It was not possible for her to return to another state in the thick of darkness, and that weak woman fought the storm all night and my son did not feel sorry for her.

My son had taken the form of a donkey. The house had been burnt to ashes by lightning. Everything was ruined. My guilt in all this is that I did not stop my son from being arrogant, he did not stop me from moving towards evil.

And now it is known that I cut wood from the forest and sell it to my own son, and that is how we, the father and son, walk. Hearing this, the prince's eyes got wet and he said to the woodcutter: O weak one! Man, you have done so much wrong.

Of course, to remain silent on evil and not to stop it is to support him. You did not stop your son from evil, I am sorry for your condition. Now I am wandering in search of this poor relative of mine. She cries. Maybe she can help me. If she finds me, I will apologize to her.

Maybe my sins will be forgiven but unfortunately I can't find them anywhere. Saying this, he started crying. The prince wiped his tears and said. So ask Allah for forgiveness of your sins. He is very merciful, if He forgives you, He Someone or other will surely make you reach this woman, she is very kind.

He does not oppress his servants. At that moment, the old carpenter fell down in prostration and began to beg for forgiveness of his sins. Suddenly, the sound of a horse's hooves began to be heard from afar.

Akar approached the prince and said: O prince, what is the matter? The prince told the story of the old man to the martyr. Tears welled up in the princess's eyes and she dismounted and said to the woodcutter: I am the girl whose mother used to come to your door as a question.

But, O wretched one, your proud son has taken away the life of this good woman. She has been fighting the storm in the heavy rain at your door all night, so that she may have mercy on you. Gone

When the morning came. The king was on a normal patrol. He passed by. When he took my mother home, he saw Toman's body and the ground came out from under my feet. Now there was no one to support him. He decided to take me with him. She stayed in his palace for some time and he found me a good girl and married me to his son.

Maybe it was the result of my mother's prayers. She sacrificed her life for me and this Lord lifted me from the floor and made me sit on the throne and married me to this good prince who is standing in front of you and you are your proud son. His deeds fell from the throne to the floor.

Seeing the power of God, the lumberjack was sinking into the ground with embarrassment and cried and apologized to the princess. The princess was very kind. Her heart was filled with tears of the lumberjack and she forgave him. By the power of God, the boy He returned to his original form and fell in prostration before God and also started apologizing to the princess. The princess forgave him too. Eventually both the father and son left for their hut.

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Written by   36
7 months ago
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