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Is it my fault

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1 month ago

Hello beautiful readers, how is your day going wherever you are? I am sure it was good and that's why you were able to read this article. I appreciate your time for opening and reading this, you are the real MVP. I don't think I am still a stranger here anymore, cos I have been welcomed greatly by friends here and I appreciate the love shown to me. Let me move to the topic of the day;

I am someone who falls in love easily and has a very soft heart, I take any small help or attention given to me like true love because I thought everyone will be like me. I love easily, I am friendly to everyone, I trust easily, all these started right from the day I was born till now. I was in secondary school when this event I am about to discuss happened and at the end of the story, I will ask a question that goes thus "is it my fault" and I will like you to reply in the comment section if yes or no.

My parent enrol me into a new school when I was in senior secondary two(ss2) because I told them the teachers in my former school weren't capable enough to be a teacher. I had struck them with so many questions which they couldn't proffer solution to and they were simple questions gotten from the same textbook used in teaching us. I am beginning to tell you I was a brilliant student right? I am not been proud I just felt the need to tell you. So I just joined this new school and my first day in the new school was awesome, I answered questions that were asked in class even before any student and all the class were shocked and amused by the type of student I was. Their best student was a male and he was popularly known in the whole school because he was so brilliant.

I guess his tenure is about to end now that I joined 😅😅😅😅 because I won't take it easy with him. The first term examination started and I took the first position, all the school was surprised about it because they haven't seen anyone that could overtake him for almost three years now and I did. He was also shocked and he set up a plan to bring me down, how did I get to know his plan? A friend of his told me.

He stretched out a hand of a friend to me and we became very close but I never knew he was pretending to be my friend. We do go to the library to read every time, I never knew he was trying to know my weakness. He came as an angel but internally he was a devil, we wrote the second term examination and I came first again. He was pained and try harder to bring me down, he went ahead telling people that I do carry chips into the exam hall, he said I do cheat and all and I was surprised about it. I called him my friend but he turned out to be an enemy, but all thanks to God all his plan was thwarted because I already knew from the beginning from his friend who told me his plan.

The teachers searched me during the examination but nothing was caught with me, he was put to shame and the result came out and I came first again but this time around he wasn't part of the first three best students. His result was really bad because he was busy trying to find ways to pull me down and he couldn't read his book so he failed woefully.

The teachers were really disappointed in him and he was disgraced and put to shame. He regretted his action and came begging me and I said to him that I only wanted to be your so that we can win together but you hated me, is it my fault I accepted your friendship?

To all my readers, is it my fault I accepted his friendship?

Your reply will be appreciated in the comment section, thanks for reading and God bless. I remain your lovely friend Tifee.

Bye for now, till I read again.

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Written by   9
1 month ago
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