REX-Bitcoin's first decentralized exchange was launched, SHUA/BSV trading pair is now online!

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2 years ago

The RelayX decentralized exchange called REX was launched on March 11. Currently, the exchange has a pair of trading pairs-SHUA/BSV-online.

The launch of REX was first announced this morning through a RelayX blog post; this blog post reads like a soon ™ statement, the blog post reads:

RelayX is announcing in advance the announcement to be issued by RelayX Exchange (REX).


This makes me, and perhaps others, think that the actual launch of REX is in the distant future. However, shortly after the pre-announcement was issued, RelayX revealed that REX will be launched at 3:30 pm Standard Time (UTC), and SHUA will be the first BSV token to be launched on REX.

It is worth noting that both REX and SHUA rely on the RUN network.

According to a person familiar with the matter, "The reason why we use the RUN network is because it is the only trustless token solution on the market."

RelayX’s blog post wrote, “We believe that the RUN protocol represents the most advanced Bitcoin smart contract function so far, and RelayX will invest a lot of technology, personnel and financial investment in the creation of the RUN ecosystem.”

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2 years ago