3 Ways to survive the cruel world of internet.

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3 years ago

We all experience the feeling of dying when we are on diffirent social media sites. So much wordly and selfish post on a regular basis. Cant post anything or comment cause you knew what will literaly happen if you do so. Online challenges that doesn't even make sense. Yeah! It's very common nowadays and mostly people accepts and thinks it is normal.

You dont need to throw your phone! Just a couple of minutes and you'll be imortalized to humans toxicity.

Ignore it.

Yup! The first one is to ignore. Avoid being involved and just do what makes you happy. It takes a lot of thumb up and down movements. You gotta scroll a lot. Maybe unfollowing some persons & pages work too. Just focus on what interest you the most.

Keep an open mind.

I'm not going to sell anything here. What i ment is everyone using internet has their own logic and faith. Dont be bias to any topic. Always place yourself on their situations before you say anything to them. Make your time on the internet more productive by focusing on learning.

Think before you click!

You dont want those post of your's spreading on the internet with a caption "blah blah blah". A three phragraph rant about how bad the service on that restaurant. Your s**t photos. Relationship problems? Pretending to be someone. Regulary posting of what your doing which should be private.

To summarize we should not take anything seriously mostly on the internet. Just be low profile and sip a hot choco with your favorite snack on the side.


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3 years ago