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My first thoughts about the blockchain game Mir4

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11 months ago

Hello, a few months back I saw for the first time the blockchain game Mir4. I am really interested in blockchain gaming in general and I am regularly trying to be up to date with all the new games. It’s not easy though, because more and more games are coming out and I find it difficult to catch up with all of them. LOL

Even if Mir4 was looking pretty interesting as a concept, and even if it is an online RPG or an online role-playing game (my favorite game type at the moment), I never actually started playing it. Basically, so far I have only played ChainGuardians (a game with a very promising future in my opinion) so far, but this is a story for another article.

Please let me know in the comments below if you would like me to write a similar article about ChainGuardians. I will probably do it anyway at some point, but if there is interest I might do it sooner.

Ok, let's get back to our topic now. A few days back, a good friend of mine contacted me about Mir4, since he knew that I was into blockchain gaming, and basically suggested playing together. What a nice idea, I thought!

So here I am, getting ready to finally start playing Mir4!

My thoughts about this game are mostly good so far. First of all, this game is an online RPG and as I wrote a little earlier, this is my favorite type of game at the moment.

Another thing that I really like in Mir4 is the fact that anyone can start playing for free. This is a very important element in my opinion because being able to start for free is critical in order for the game to have mass adoption.

I am not sure if the game is more a play-to-earn or pay-to-earn (as I haven’t started yet), but time will surely show which of these two is. I hope that it is a play-to-earn game of course. If a game is a pay-to-win game, free players will eventually leave if they are always below people that pay.

Basically, let me clarify something. I am not against games that give the chance to players to pay in order to get stronger but I am totally against games that give unfair advantages to players that pay.

Some players have more time to put to the game in comparison to other players, and some other players have more money in comparison to other players. In my opinion, there must be a balance between players who cannot (or do not want) to pay, and players who pay.

Mir4 has very nice graphics, and it looks like one of the very popular traditional online RPG games. So if people who play similar games find out that they can play this game and not only have fun like in a traditional game but also can earn crypto (and then turn their crypto into real money), I think that this will be a very pleasant surprise for them.

Here is a video from their official YouTube channel, in order for you to get an idea about the graphics of the game.

These are basically the most important things that I like so far about Mir4. I would also like to mention a few things that I don't like that much. Two things basically. The one is that, even if the game has really good graphics, the graphic design of the characters is not really my thing. Very fancy in my opinion.

Also, I am not really sure about that but I think that even if we can create our character between 5 classes, and we can edit how our character will look in great detail, we cannot really change the gender of each character. For example, a warrior can only be a man and not a woman. If this is true (i hope I am mistaken) it's not good at all in my opinion.

If you would like to learn more about the game, besides reading the articles that I will probably post in the future (hopefully), I highly suggest you take a look at their official website.

That’s all for now my friend, and who knows, maybe we could play together sometime in the future. LOL

In the meantime, if you would like to read more from me, you can also find me in Noise (same nickname) and you can also check out my newsletter, where I write about my journey in the make money online world. What I like, what I do, what I think, etc.

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Thanks a lot for reading, I wish you have a really great day!

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Written by   4
11 months ago
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