The colossal and enigmatic creature that dwells in the ocean's depths

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Hello, dear readers, today I offer you a story about which I'm not sure if it's a myth or a fact. The question of whether it's one of the two is extremely distressing, and the truth has yet to be confirmed of its existence.


Imagine missing ships and planes, and all of this leads us to the Bermuda Triangle.

According to mythology, it is unknown what exactly happens in this evil, but today I will write to you about one of the most illustrious and somewhat disturbing theories, namely, that beneath the Bermuda triangle there may be a very large and terrifying monster known as the kraken that lives with whoever passes through its territory.

The Kraken is a monster that lives in the sea

It is a massive and colossal sea creature from Norse mythology that emerges from the depths and assaults ships and devours sailors. It is frequently characterized as a sort of octopus, giant squid, or jellyfish. The legend may have begun with sightings of true gigantic squid measuring 33 to 45 meters in length, including all ten tentacles. It's possible that it's even larger than the megalodon.

The kraken is described in ancient myths, like those of Pontoppidan, as a beast "the size of a floating island" (the back of an adult Kraken was supposed to be 1.5 miles long), whose true hazard to mariners is the maelstrom it generates after plunging into the water swiftly. Pontoppidan does, however, mention the big beast's destructive potential: "It's been stated that if it clung on the greatest vessel, it might drag it to the ocean's bottom. The kraken was never like other sea serpents."

If you think that's exciting and unsettling, then I'll present you with another Bermuda triangle hypothesis.

What do you believe will happen? Will it be a myth or a reality?

written by @themastergamer

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Interesting story. But I don't think it's true haha

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