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I've set myself a task: to repair this severely damaged surgery table.

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6 months ago

Hello there, my friends from #JustWrite, a place where we may freely discuss our lives, hobbies, and passions. I've already mentioned that I work in the medical field. My job entails resolving a variety of issues at hospitals and clinics.

On this occasion, I paid a visit to an International Red Cross hospital. They have a damaged surgery table that is in horrible shape.

In hospitals and clinics, surgical tables are essential. It is here that the patient is put down so that the essential surgical surgery may be performed. The table features a mechanical mechanism that allows it to climb and descend.

When I got at the location to see the surgical table, I was taken aback since the table was in terrible shape. Repairing it will require a lot of time and effort. The paint was peeling and there was a lot of corrosion on the table. The hydraulic jack allows the operating table to be moved up and down since it is mechanically and hydraulically powered. However, due to its damaged status, the table does not move in this situation. The table, however, does not move in this situation.

This sort of issue eventually arises in medical settings. Medical equipment that has been damaged and is no longer usable. Occasionally, because the required materials or spare components are unavailable. To fix this table, I'll need the assistance of my father, who is an expert in machining parts.

The surgical table will need to be repainted, but first it will need to be mechanically restored.

Paint that has deteriorated and rusted

The status of the paint may be seen in the last photo. It's important to note that these surgical tables are exposed to the patients' blood and other bodily fluids. They're also exposed to the operating room's dampness, which causes rust to develop and degrade the table's paint.

Rust on the table's base has increased.

I'll accept the challenge and resolve this:

I've worked with mechanical and hydraulic surgery tables before. I feel that if I put in two weeks of effort, I will be able to restore this table. I'll keep you updated on the progress of the project over the following several weeks.

As a biomedical engineer, I am continually trying to discover a solution to medical equipment failures in hospitals, clinics, and health institutions. This will undoubtedly be a difficult task. But I'm confident that with a little time and work, I'll be successful.

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Written by   15
6 months ago
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