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Crypto Payments through Telegram

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5 months ago

Social media messaging platforms have made our life easy because we get the convenience to connect with people easily and we can also share media and content with people who chat with us. Things are so easy to use and now we can use the services on multiple devices with the sync so there is no a thing to worry about losing the conversation. Thanks to the latest technology that has made it possible. It's all driven by technology and internet connectivity. Telegram is a leading messaging platform and WhatsApp is the leader in this segment it offers an easy-to-use UI and app; however, it still lacks many features.

Crypto is also a technological revolution which means it will also evolve over time. What if this is surrounded by many other applications that can lead towards crypto payment making easy and simple. This time when crypto is just beyond trading and there are lots more which we can use to make the crypto experience better and it can also be used for easy payment services. There are some exchange apps where we get the option to pay through crypto and they support their native coin and some other valuable coins as well. It's not a new thing for us that we can use our crypto to make payments for this we require an app that offers this functionally and services.

Telegram has taken a lead here and has launched the service to make crypto payments using the app. This can be used on mobile devices in installed however there is no update as of now login from multi-devices also allows us to make the payment. Telegram is already most used for crypto companies dealing in crypto and this app also provides easy-to-use services with bot integration however this is not available in WhatsApp and as far as I am aware then this will not be happening soon.

Telegram has rolled out crypto payment capability, as per the company’s Telegram Open Network (TON) Foundation. Users can now download Telegram’s official wallet bot, which can allow them to buy cryptocurrencies, trade them, and send them to other wallets. “We expect this functionality to expand into consumer-to-business payments, allowing users to quickly purchase products and services by sending Toncoin using the bots,”

Telegram has started crypto payment use and its first-ever messaging app offering this but we expect that there will be many more apps in the future doing a similar thing. In the crypto space, any trend is copied so if the payment through telegram is easy, safe probably more people will start using it. As per telegram, there will be no transaction fee and the settlement will be processed through Telegram Open Network which is also called as TON foundation.

In today's time, I see that majority of people are in building and accumulation so payment is not something that everyone wants however in future this will be a good option and since there is no fee so it may bring more attention. This service is already live but I am yet to use but I still think that there must be more coins and so that we get more flexibility to choose and play.

Overall, this feature and service is exciting and I probably I will check this out to see how it works. I always believe that the amount of innovation and development is high and this is why we are getting the best products to explore and experience a next level crypto offerings and services.

Thank you.

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Written by   15
5 months ago
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