Using Your Intuition to Help Self Improvement

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What's intuitive knowing? Many people call it their inner voice, hunch, or gut feelings. Whatever you call it, intuition can help you with your decisions and enhance your self-esteem. This kind of knowledge comes from our deepest emotions and experiential data. Using your intuition to help with self improvement can be a game changer, especially if you are constantly being pressured by circumstances and deadlines.

It's a common phenomenon
Intuition is a form of intelligence and is often manifested as a heuristic. Heuristics are cognitive shortcuts, and a good way to learn to tap into your own intuition is to use them. Gigerenzer, a cognitive psychologist, describes intuition as the mind's "unconscious guide" to make decisions. The intuitive mind is the truest form of wisdom, and should be given the honor due it deserves.

It can improve decision-making
Your intuition can be a valuable tool for self improvement, but there are ways to make it work for you. The first step is to recognize when your intuition is causing you to make bad decisions. By using the word "wrong," you can prompt yourself to make better decisions. If you do this consistently, your intuitive decisions will become more consistent and reliable. Secondly, you need to learn how to use your intuition in situations where you're not sure.

It can improve self-esteem
Using your intuition to improve self-esteem is a wonderful practice to practice. Having a strong sense of intuition can help you make important decisions, change unwanted behaviors, and make the right choices. Practice listening to your intuition and make changes as it suggests. There are various exercises you can do to awaken your intuition and boost your self-esteem. Listed below are some:

It can improve business decisions
Intuition can be useful in solving problems, driving creativity, and bringing magic to business decisions. Think of Steve Jobs, who would take long walks around Apple's campus, and how often he had brilliant ideas while barefoot. While most of us do not have these ideas while working, we are likely to have them when we are doing something completely unrelated to our work. For business people, intuition is a valuable tool for making good business decisions.

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