The Park//The Inkwell Writing Prompt

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"I saw him"

"Who?" the Doctor asked shaking her softly to keep her awake from passing out

"He was riding on a red bike" her voice fainted gradually as she passed out. She woke up two hours later, her body soaked from the profuse sweating. "Desmond!" she mumbled in a sleepy tone and a few minutes later blinked and opened her heavy eyes "where am I?" She asked, looking around the room filled with medical equipment.

It's been two days since Joyce saw Desmond, her 8 year old son. They went to the park for a picnic and left to go play with his peers who were riding on a wheel. At 6:00pm, there was chaos in the park and everyone ran into hiding for safety. Joyce searched around for Desmond but couldn't find him, no child was still on the wheel and the park was almost empty.

"Desmond! Desmond!" She called out as she ran around the park searching from one wheel to another and soon the thought of him missing started to weigh her down. It was while she was being driven to the hospital almost fainting that she assumed to have seen Desmond.

"There was a boy on a red bike , but madam, how sure are you that he was your son?" A Nurse asked.

"That's the cloth he wore that day, the green t-shirt"

"But it was a blue t-shirt the boy wore," the nurse replied. Joyce remained calm, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don't worry Madam, we'll find him, how old is he again?"

"He's 8"

"I believe this is the location where you saw the boy on the bike right?" A police officer asked.

"Yes, his name is Desmond, and he's 8. Here is a picture of him, contact the hospital Incase you find him" the Nurse said.

The policemen went from house to house in the neighborhood from where Joyce assumed she saw him asking after him.

"No, we've not seen him" they replied, presented with a photograph of Desmond. It was almost 6:30 pm that same day when they saw a red bike parked close to a small cottage. Reluctantly they went in to ask,

"Have you seen this boy around here, showing the old man a picture of him"

"I can't see clearly, but there's a boy who followed my son home from the park two days ago, unfortunately, he doesn't have contact with his mum," the old man said.

The policemen stood outside the hospital with Desmond waiting for his mum. She quickly ran to hug him "where were you?I was looking around for you" she said, holding him tight.

"Please, watch closely after your son, '' the policeman said as they bid them goodbye.

Joyce and her son took the available train to Sweden that evening. "I promise never to keep you away from me" she said, happy to have found him.

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