Stranger Things

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The day I met Caspian was the night I fell head over hills for a stranger. Some people may call it a rebound but to me, it was love and I felt it. I had just gotten my heart broken that night. My ex-boyfriend Derin said he wanted nothing more to do with me. I had given him my all and it hurt like hell watching what we shared crumble. I thought he loved me.

The night was calm and peaceful at the beach. Only the sound of calm waves and water puddles could be heard. It was soothing and therapeutic.I had gone there to soak in the ocean water and cool off. I dipped my feet into the wet cold sand. As the water washed over my feet, I heard a thundering sound like the ignition from a motor behind me. It was like heavy machinery crashing into the ground.

Curious, I tried to move closer to the sound when something else caught my attention. I saw a figure emerging from the water. He was the most stunning being I had ever seen in my entire life. For a minute, I forgot about everything happening in and around me. Even my existence.

My breath ceased as he stepped forward from the water dripping wet. His eyes so deep, they pierced my soul. He had the most detailed physique and he looked like something out of a fantasy novel. “Hello, I am Caspian. Are you here waiting for me? I didn't expect to see a beautiful female out here. It must have been programmed”. He smiled and it was perfect.

I thought he had a great sense of humor. I opened my mouth to speak but no words came out. Shortly, I warmed up to him and we began to talk. ”I am Erin” I said and that was the beginning of something sweet. We met every day in the same spot. Soon days turned into weeks. I didn't want to know where he was coming from or what he did because I wanted to forget my past too. We had made the beach our love yard. We would spend hours with our backs on the sand watching the beautiful stars.

I was falling deeply for him but whenever I looked into his eyes. I saw a depth. It felt like something was missing. They say the eyes are windows to the soul but his just looked like windows. Still, I let myself go.

He knew a lot about astrology. It was like he lived in the cosmos. He would ask me about all the adventures I've had in my lifetime. There was an uncanny curiosity about him. “Tell me more about what you do and how you've spent your entire. Tell me everything. I'd like to hear about your adventures”. Hed say to me. He would tap on his chest after taking in every detail of what I had to say. He was very attentive and observant.

One night, as we laid beneath the cold sand on our bare backs, taking in each other's presence, he said to me, “ I have to go now. My mission is complete. Thank you so much for making my task here easy”. He held my hands for the first time and it felt tougher than I expected.

“What task and mission? What are you talking about?” I blurted out a little confused.

He then tapped his chest like he used to but this time, a blue incandescent light appeared across his chest. Then a robotic voice announced; mission 6-Interaction with beta female human race completed. Return to home base!

I could see an object descending from the sky. It looked like a plane but much smaller. It landed softly on the sand and I could clearly see that it wasn't a plane. It was a spaceship made out of aluminium and titanium. A door opened and blue light, like the one on Caspians chest emanated from its insides.

“Goodbye Miss Erin. I'm going back to home base Mars”. He waved at me and walked away into the opened door. A motor ignition like the one I heard the night I met Caspian sounded and the spaceship flew back into the sky until it disappeared. It all happened within a minute and I was too stunned to say a word.

I must have remained in the same spot for over an hour puzzling over what had just happened. I felt a tap on my shoulder. “Are you alright, you look like you've been hexed”. It was a tall bald man with very broad shoulders.

I looked at him and began to walk away. “Not today stranger, not today,” I said to myself.

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