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At 04.00 pm, the sky is so cloudy, it looks like it will rain. Mulyono, a skinny man in his 30s, is in his kitchen making a cup of coffee. When the coffee has been brewed, Mulyono puts his hand in his trouser pocket to get a cigarette. But unfortunately, Mulyono's cigarettes ran out. He will buy it again at a mini-market which is 1km from his house.

Mulyono immediately started his devil motorbike and headed to the mini-market. Satan's motorbike is the nickname for his motorbike because Mulyono is a street motorbike racer who has never been defeated. The devil's motorbike is so fast that he can win every motorcycle racing bet on the road.

While on the road, the road was so very quiet that he was very free to go at high speed. Until at a crossroads, there was a car that was also going fast until finally, the unwanted thing happened. Mulyono and his devil motorbike bounce into the river near the highway.

Because the roads were so quiet, the driver of the car immediately fled, hoping that no one would find out what had happened. However, Arif saw it from a distance. Arif is a motorcycle mechanic. Incidentally, Arif also wanted to go to the mini-market to buy a packet of instant noodles. Then he called the police and told him what had happened.

"Hello, police officer. I want to report an accident on Jl. Mawar that caused the motorcyclist to be thrown into the river," said Arif.

"Okay, we'll be there soon," said the policeman.

15 minutes later, the police and ambulance arrived at the scene. Mulyono's body was taken to the ambulance for an autopsy, but Mulyono's motorbike was left to sink at the bottom of the river. Then Arif called his nephew, Taki, to help him pick up a motorbike that was at the bottom of the river.

"Hello, what are you doing Taki?" Ask Arif.

"I'm watching the Naruto movie uncle" Taki replied.

"If you're not busy, please help uncle transport the motorbike," said Arif.

"Where is the location?" asked Taki.

"On the banks of the river Jl. Mawar" Arif replied.

"Okay, I'll be right there," Taki said.

Ten minutes later, Taki came with a rope. Arif told Taki to dive into the river and tie the motorbike. After the rope was tied to the motorbike, Arif pulled the rope with Mulyono's motorbike. When the motorbike was on the ground, Arif checked its condition of the motorbike.

"I saw this motorbike hit hard, but why are there no scratches or damage on this motorbike?" Arif muttered very confusedly.

Arif and his nephew pushed the motorbike into Arif's workshop. He tried to re-examine the condition of Mulyono's motorbike but did not find any damage. Even though the motorbike had hit the car very hard and was also submerged in river water. This bike should have been damaged, but in reality, it wasn't. This motor is still in good condition.

At 10.00 pm, Arif will soon sleep. He took out the motorcycle key and put it in the house. When Arif was sleeping, suddenly the motorbike started, his voice sounded like it was being gassed loudly. Arif gasped and woke up. He checked the condition of the motorbike and was very surprised. Because the motor turns on itself.

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"Even though I pulled out the key, why did it turn on by itself?" Arif muttered.

Arif turned off the engine with his key and went back to sleep. After a few minutes Arif fell asleep, the motorbike started again and woke him up again. It was as if the motorcycle was screaming and begging to be ridden. Arif is very confused about this motorbike. Then he pushed it out and tried to ride.

When pulling the gas motor, Arif felt like he was on a Moto GP racing track. He pulled the gas harder and the bike went fast. This is the fastest motorcycle Arif has ever ridden. Even Valentino Rossi's motorbike is nothing compared to Mulyono's motorbike. Arif thinks Mulyono's spirit has stuck to his motorbike.

The next day, Arif sold the motorbike to a street racer for $500. The racer has never been defeated when riding a motorbike that was inherited by Mulyono. The racer always wins in road motorcycle racing bets.

Until one day, when there was street racing in the city. Police arrest all street racers. But the racer who uses a devil motorbike escapes and the police find it difficult to catch him. With the strategy of the police team, they blockaded every crossroads and deter devil bikers.

The devil motorbike rider immediately fell from his motorbike and was arrested by the police. The motor continues to run and run even though the key has been removed. Finally, the police poured gasoline on the motorbike to be burned. But when the fire was ignited, the motorbike suddenly moved on its own and drove at high speed without a rider. After that, the devil motor disappeared somewhere. It's a very strange motor.

The end.

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