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Types of Paper for Printing: Which One is Best for You

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2 months ago

Have you ever thought about why the paper is such a crucial element for your office supplies? For every printing project, a different type of paper suits the job perfectly. There are so many printing paper options out there in the market that it might be difficult to understand which type of paper would do the best printing. All these paper comes in different sizes and thickness.


It does not matter what your job is, whether you are a graphic designer or leads a marketing company you just need to have the right type of office accessories so that your money is not wasted. Do people often think why a piece of paper matters that much? Well, it matters because the printing can ruin the project if not done correctly. So, to have the best printing experience, buy from thebeststock.


We access you about the types of paper you should buy for your marketing campaign or graphic designing project. There are multiple sheet sizes and sheet types available in the market that can be difficult for you to make the right choice.


Types of paper for printing:

Inkjet printing paper

An inkjet printing paper is specifically for use in an inkjet printer. There are variants in the market as well. Some of those variants are greeting cards and business cards. It is different from photocopy paper used in photocopy machines.


The most commonly used paper is Matte. This is best for everyday printing tasks. The colour is white and the finishing is so fine that helps the ink to dry quickly. Therefore, it is suitable for tasks you need to print quickly.

Silk coated paper

The silk-coated printing paper is made up of fibres that are bind together. This paper has a smooth feel and is best to use when you want to print something that should give you a luxurious feel. Use this paper is most commonly in Magazines as they give glossy look. The paper thinks. These two are high-quality papers so bug companies use if for their flyers. 

Glossy paper

This paper is traditional. It is perfect for use when you have to print photographs instead of text. It prints sharp images and bright colours. The glossy texture absorbs the ink just perfectly, which makes it better than matte paper.

Bright white   

This printing paper is non-textured. High quality and smooth printing sheet can print on both sides without showing the ink on the other side of the sheet. This paper is thick and mostly used in schools. 


It has an off-white appearance. It is ideal for use in CV and other important documents. The ivory look shows how important the document is. It is slightly heavy from all the other types of paper.

This article can help you decide which printing paper is best for your project.

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2 months ago
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