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Seeking Spiritual Light

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5 months ago the moment, I am trying to nourish a spirit that has been disconnected from her source of light and her eyes have grown accustomed to the dark. Her path is littered with constant worry and she seems to have forgotten that she can simply summon it back.

...dear self, reach into the pits of your doubts and get a chance to see what is holding you back from reaching for every valid dream there is. It is in encouraging yourself to practice patience with your growing spiritual stamina and grounding your unravelling being in her authenticity that you get to remain in control. need not fight who you are to fit in the expected narrative as no man does. We are all wired to portray and glorify how diversified this human experience can be and how that is our strength as a race but somehow we are lost in an artificial setting of trying to ape what is accepted by a dying society.

...what drove you to look for answers out there?

...when in reality everything you need to be who are meant to be lies within you. Awaken your higher self in worship and cleanse your inner world as your practice mindfulness and reestablish your divine connection with the pulse of the earth to release every fearful attachment you have.

...shift your energy and focus towards the thoughts you allow to rent or live in your headspace. Those are what create your reality and it is wise to try and make peace with the seasons that steer them.

...your inner wisdom is always ringing in a quiet but persistent way and it will always whisper which way to go if you allow yourself to be guided by it. There are infinite possibilities but you need to connect with your shadow self and let go of what you thought served you but no longer does. dear child, haven't you outlived enough storms?

...look back at how far you have come and revel in your resilience. You of all people know that the universe is composed of second chances and new beginnings. What is needed is a positive outlook and a way to define the frequency around you.

...and an understanding of how important the world within is. It is sad how we get carried away by what is happening around us and forget to align our attention with what matters forgetting that maintaining this balance is how you keep yourself from the ever-shifting sands of superficiality.

...see you soon.

...wambuku w.

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5 months ago
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