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Is it right to berate yourself for mistakes?

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5 months ago

Hi, my dear friends!

Today is Saturday. This week is my only day off: only today my dog Romashka and I do not have to go to the veterinary clinic. So I tried to take advantage of the situation to rest and think.

How often do we have to regret certain actions? I'm not talking now about situations when we do something obviously wrong and realize it at the moment of action or even preparation for it. I'm talking about situations where, at the moment of taking an action or making a decision, it seemed to us absolutely right.

mistake: something that has been done in the wrong way, or an opinion or statement that is incorrect
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

To understand whether it is worth scolding ourselves for mistakes, let's look at why we make mistakes . Personally I see two reasons. The first one is lack of experience.

Lack of experience

The truth is that at each moment of time, we act within the boundaries of our previously acquired experience . So our mistakes are often the price of going beyond the bounds of habitual experience.

We assess the situation based on our previous experience. You may say that we can seek advice from more experienced people. But the problem with the mistakes we make because of a lack of experience often lies precisely in the fact that it is the lack of experience that prevents us from correctly assessing the situation and seeing the need to seek help.

Thus, scolding yourself for mistakes made due to insufficient experience is completely useless and futile. Moreover, it is unfair to yourself. After all, at the time of making the decision, you did not have today's, more experienced you!

But that's only half the problem. Sometimes, even with sufficient experience and a comprehensive study of the issue, the decision still turns out to be wrong.

Lack of information

We make decisions based on the information we have. But the problem is that the information we have may be

  • incomplete

  • false

  • change at the time of the decision due to the actions of third parties that significantly influenced the situation.

Even in the age of high availability of information, it is sometimes impossible to take into account the changing situation.

Thus, in a situation where, acting honestly and in good faith, you still make a mistake, it will be much more correct and productive to draw the appropriate conclusions and move on than to hang in the past constantly reproaching yourself that you are not God! 😉

I wish you a good weekend and the right decisions! 😘

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5 months ago
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