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We all tend to believe in the future

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2 months ago
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How human beings are inclined to believe in their future, perhaps because they have no other choice. He lives in the expectation of a beautiful life full of joy and abundance, and in the expectation of making a place for himself in eternity, a place where he can continue to exist.

He firmly believes in his thinking, that is, what we believe in is our own thinking. We believe in our subjective, subjective thoughts that are uninfluenced, untainted, founded on freedom, and we open up a very wide space for ourselves here, so wide that we build our own universe in our minds.

To ease my mind, I build walls such as unity, the deception of quantity, postulates, dissolution, the first people, the first professions... or humanism, which has become so infamous by attributing meanings to modern terms, in short, I build such walls that I then create big cracks in these walls and produce infiltrating thoughts.

This is of course for those who think.

And we even see our fractals that we create as our fate or karma. We see it as freedom to go out and roam around, to think what we want and shout at the top of our lungs. We even feel the coolness of this freedom in our souls and bodies.

Is that so...

Yet man is a strange prisoner.

For years we have avoided admitting this to ourselves, we have ignored it, we have turned a deaf ear...there is skepticism in our beliefs and manipulation in our love.

For example, we loved God as much as it suited us. We loved God as much as he promised us immortality with dates, lush farms with rivers and rivers, but we never thought about God...

We loved our parents according to the opportunities they gave us, we loved our children according to the expectations they fulfilled...we are not talking about an animalistic bond.

We are not free in our thoughts and love...there is an addiction to becoming. You can be against it as much as you want, it is the truth. You can keep your thoughts that you cannot even say to yourself, you can keep them!

And moreover, we create all this in our processing center with the information sent by the five sense perceptions. But such waste thoughts enter that we don't even realize it.

Will the devil say...

With the defense of people who perceived the life we had built on inadequacies and inaccuracies as "the most correct", we took away their lives effortlessly by affecting other people deeply. And when people opposed them, they had nothing of tangible, visible, that is, tangible value with them. There was just a lonely and pathetic being who could only think.


You come to such a place in your thinking that you have to reject either what you think or what you believe. What you reject, you bury in your own history, you don't even want it to be a memory.

If you bury an object under the earth, time, combined with the properties of the earth, will either make it highly valued or decay and destroy it. It either makes it an antique or nothing.

It is man himself who causes all this...

Ordinary normal lives, or lives of submission, or lives of rejection, are not and cannot be the lives God wants. The tiny chaotic moments in our lives open a window for people to let out whatever is inside them. Through this window you can look at what is outside of you and if you wish, you can go on your own free journey.

Your physical and mental setbacks and the "pains or shortcomings or expectations" you suffer have a great impact on your thoughts, but the impact is not characterized by a continuous characterization as one might think. Because if you are under the influence of momentary joy or anger, which we can express in a very generalized way, you will never be appreciated.

Your "joys and multitudes" prevent you from even being human. You cannot even be worthless...

Why don't you give me what you've got?

I can't.

Why not?

Because these are my worldly things, I need them to keep my body alive and healthy.

But give me what's in your mind, what's in your brain.


Why not?

They are for my longing for eternity that will be useful to me beyond death, there is heaven in them, how can I give them to you?

"I understand. But let me tell you something. Do you know how much what you have in your hand is worth?"

"As much as it says on it."


"No way, are you trying to change what has been determined?"

Man exists to change what has been determined.

Think or imagine like this. I have a hundred coins in my hand, and I scattered them. Then I saw people working in a field. I told them that I scattered coins on my way, and I will take from those who collect them the amount of money they collect.

How naive they were, foolishly acting without thinking. You don't spend labor in exchanging what is of the same value.

They were not naive, they were very cunning. By raising their expectations, they created the thought of "if he does it again".

Did you do it?

I have done it many times...

My dear, you've been very stupid.

Is it... your limit is here, you can't go beyond that. The accumulation of labor goes beyond your work, just as the accumulation of thought goes beyond you. You are not worth what you write on you.

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Written by
2 months ago
Topics: Life, Future, Blog, Experiences, Freedom, ...
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