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Problem appear everywhere

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4 weeks ago
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When there is problem, we started to argue who is right who is wrong.

Debate went on and on.

INCOMING BROKEN                                                         

Summary: operator Josh seen 1pc broken when opened box, LM19/slot22 when about to run bomba. broken 12-6 o’clock and seen chip on 12 o’clock with no acknowledge on r/s. Lot hold to production. dry etch also no clamp point and key out with no issue.                                                 


M/l sent to bomba already haven’t inspected. Awaiting supervisor to agree to scrap. Inspected slot 21(LM18) after bomba no s/c, supervisor Xiong say to wait for their boss decision.Lot hold to 250HM.


We checked gasonic JS11, clamp point of tool is at the flat area(small portion of the center flat) when the arm takes the wafer. unable to find the broken wafer  at the lot.                                   


BROKEN WAFER                                                            

BACKGROUND:-1pc from slot 6 broken into many pcs at CD01 aft operator Yun measure ECD.                                                      


She placed the lot on the stage and some of the wafers are potruding out. Measured wafer is from slot 25. Aft the arm placed backnowledge the measured wafer from slot 25, it went down and this affected wafer was not sitted properly in the carrier (potruding out too much) that the arm hit the wafer.


She realized that the wafer was not sitted properly but as there is an alarm from the etching bench, she immediately attended to the alarm and did not properly place the wafer to be slotted in. Debris seen for slot5. sent for re-qdr and srd. Pls help to inspect for scratches for slot 5

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Written by   30
4 weeks ago
Topics: Work
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