How to fix Edge Displaying the Wrong Bookmark Favicons

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After the Microsoft Edge update, it turned out that many users of this browser are facing the problem of Edge not showing the correct bookmark icon. We suggest you follow the tips given in the blog to solve the problem. We have also included the reasons why you might be facing the Microsoft Edge Virus Alert problem.

Why does Edge Display the Wrong Bookmark Favicon?

There are a few reasons why it can be a problem to show the wrong bookmarks favicon with Edge

1. Favicon hijacked via add-on.

2. The browser's cache memory and cookie memory have been damaged.

3. You are using an older version of Edge.

4. The Edge favicon file is damaged.

Steps to fix the Edge Displaying the Wrong Bookmark Favicon

Keep in mind the reasons given in the previous paragraph. Keep in mind the explanation given above. Microsoft Edge displays incorrect issues with bookmarks favicon can be resolved with these solutions. The solution is explained in more detail below:

Solution 1: Clear the Web Cache

Clear this web cache using the following steps:

1. Open only one tab.

2. Then, at the top-right edge of your screen, press the button to perform the task. Select the option from the menu that pops up.

3. Then, inside the Settings menu choose Privacy & Security.

4. Scroll down to Cookies as well as the Site Data menu and tap on the Clear data option.

5. Then, uncheck the box for Cookies or Site data and check the one next to the Cached web content inside the Clear data menu.

6. To start clearing your web content data, tap Clear.

7. You are now able to restart your browser to see if the problem with the favicon is resolved.

Solution 2: Force Edge to Update the Favicon

You can make Edge fix incorrect bookmark favicon using these steps:

1. Open Edge browser. Enter "About configuration" in the address bar and press Enter.

2. "Accept the risk and carry on!" Click on if you are asked about the warning.

3. You have to search "retools enable" on the search bar.

4. Once the preference is found, double-click on the Retool option and change the setting to True.

5. You are now able to exit your Edge advanced settings. You have to press the action button in the top-right corner of the display. Now, you will be able to open your web developer menu, after which, you will be able to click on the browser console.

6. Paste this code into the browser console, and then press Enter.

The issue with the favicon should be resolved and you should be able to access bookmarks that weren't loading before.

Solution 3: Manually fix the Favicon

If you're only dealing with a few broken favicons, you can try this method to solve the problem by applying these steps:

 1. Click on the Bookmarks icon within Edge.

 2. Click to open Bookmarks then click Manage Bookmarks in the menu that opens.

3. Select the Bookmarks toolbar in the Library menu. Next, click Export Bookmarks to HTML under Import and Backup.

4. Select a location of your choice for your exported HTML file, and then click Save File.

5. After that, right-click on the HTML file you exported and edit it with a tool like Notepad and ++.

6. Then, locate the bookmark and modify it with the correct URL for the icon.

7. Save the changes on the previously exported bookmarks page.

8. Finally, select the page that you have modified earlier in your library windows and click on Open.

Solution 4: Update Edge

This approach may not completely solve the issue of Edge showing the wrong bookmark favicon. However, it can provide certainty that the problem will not happen again. Follow the steps below to refresh your Edge:

1. Press the button for action located on the right side of the Edge browser.

2. Tap Help in the drop-down menu, and then click About Edge.

3. Please wait for the update to download in the following window. After that, click on Restart to upgrade Edge to start the update.

4. Then, you can reboot your computer after the update is complete. Check if the problem is resolved.

Solution 5: Remove the favicon. SQLite file

This will cause Edge to create a new favicon SQLite file using this procedure:

1. Edge and any add-ins should be completely sealed in the first place. 2. Next, use File Explorer to reach the next destination

C:\Users\*YourUser*\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\Profiles\*Your Profile*

3. Once the Edge Profile is open, search for favicons.SQLite.

4. Once you find it, double-click on it and choose to Delete to finish it.

5. Then, you can start Edge


We hope that, with this blog, you have been able to resolve the issue of Edge showing an incorrect bookmark favicon in the edge. If, however, you are still unable to resolve the issue, you can contact us using the chat box at the bottom of the page or via the comment section below. We will be happy to help you solve the problem using Edge.

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