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Something about a beautiful little butterfly.

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7 months ago

I suddenly noticed this little butterfly, I love to see it and I have captured the photography of this butterfly and shared it with you. I will talk to you about butterflies in different ways.! Our love for beauty is a natural beauty with many attractions.

We love the ones we are always fascinated to see. Today I have shared with you the photography of this little butterfly in different colors ..

Many people like butterflies, the wings of butterflies match the beauty of flying, the beautiful movement of butterflies in the air in the sky brings an attractive beauty.

Butterflies fly beautifully with two wings. We realize very well that butterflies like very much. Many of us like to sit together and enjoy the beauty of butterflies up close !!!

Many times we have noticed that when a butterfly flies away, looking at the wings of the butterfly, it seems that someone has made eight beautiful beauties with the help of his own hands.

The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion. The wings have been shown solely to give a sense of proportion.

When a butterfly sits on each flower, the beauty of the flower doubles and the beauty of the butterfly is more beautifully expressed.

When a butterfly sits on a flower to eat its honey, the success of the flower is revealed when the butterfly opens from one to another and flies away.

When a beard swells from one male flower to another, we get fruit from that flower !!!

Butterflies rain down on us in a much bigger way

Butterflies have a role. Many people want to fly beautifully with the wings of a butterfly, many people have these desires in their minds .. !!! I want to fly away with the wings of a butterfly !! These are created out of our love. From there an imaginary thing comes into the mind, even through the fulfillment of this dream .. !!

I am talking about a little butterfly through my photography and I have shared a picture of this little butterfly with you. This little butterfly has shared with you photography in different colors and in different ways. This butterfly looks small but beautiful at one time or another. In fact our eyes and the appearance of the beauty of the eyes has evolved to understand the butterfly or photographic.

Many of us know that butterflies are created from rotting anything. In fact, a butterfly is an insect when something dies or decomposes

Some insects are created from that place of decay. Then the butterfly is born from that insect. When the butterfly is small, then the shape of the small insect has two wings in a small way, then these wings gradually get bigger.

When he goes to different places, these butterflies go to different places and start growing slowly. Only then can we realize better. It is beautiful to see the wings of a large butterfly when it is actually prepared and very large. The photo of a small butterfly that I have shared with you through photography, this butterfly will be very beautiful when it is very big, it will be very nice to see that it will be very beautiful or arranged like photography in a very beautiful way.

If the butterfly flies away, you will want to extend your hand so that the butterfly sits on your hand. In fact, many have realized that. I have also realized that it is very nice to have a butterfly in my hand, I feel happy, these pleasures can actually be captured from the natural scenery, which you can't take these pleasures from anywhere even if you want to.

Many people have realized the joys. They have extended their hands to the butterfly. The beauty of the butterfly has touched his hand.

I am sharing this beauty of the little butterfly for you. Although the butterfly is small, its beauty has some scenes of this natural beauty which make us feel very happy and very beautiful, and this beauty makes the natural beauty more elaborate. I am ending the story of this butterfly among you today. In the future I will collect more beautiful photography of many beautiful butterflies and discuss with you. Thank you. Stay well.

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Written by   5
7 months ago
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