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3 years ago

I am going to Dhaka to take the exam.

The girl sitting next to me on the bus suddenly said,


I don't have balance on my phone.

If you give me a little phone .... I would talk for 1 minute.

: I don't have a phone.

: So what is that?

: It's mobile.

: So put it on your mobile .. Just twenty seconds.

: Hmm this is that ..

: Hello mom! I'm on the bus now.

I left your medicine in my room.

Hmm ...... I will call you now when I reach Dhaka.

: Thanks. Take this to your phone.

: What's your name?

: Rohi. Yours?

: Raj.

Rohi: Are you going to Dhaka.

Raj: Hmm.

Rohi: To give exam ??

Raj: Hmm.

Rohi: I can't remember where I saw you.

Raj: Tick tock ??

Rohi: Oh yes you tick talk.

Raj: What do you do?

Rohi: Sorry ...

Raj: Do Padma !!

Rohi: Hmm.

12 hour journey by bus.

.... my loneliness will go away a little by talking to this girl sitting next to me.

How sweet voice !!


The eyes are just outside.

What a magical eye!

The girl is sitting quietly. It seems to be over.

I don't understand what to start with.


1 hour went by like this.

Something happened.


Raj: Have you seen all my videos on tiktok?

Rohi: No. You do it on my phone.

Raj: Okay. Open the share.

Rohi: Hmm.

Being st ....


It can be massaged from shareit !!

I wrote in sms ...

The magician blinks your eyes ...

I do not know how many glimpses!

Rohi: See?

Raj: I wish ...

Rohi: In the diet.

Raj: Don't give me a pick.

Rohi: Hmm .. I will.

Raj: Wow !!

You are very beautiful.

Rohi: Not much. Something.

Raj: No. You are much more beautiful.

Rohi: Stay and don't hit the palm anymore.

I will cut all the videos that are coming.

Raj: Don't stay ... let me talk a little more.

Rohi: Hmm said.

Raj: Do you have anyone?

Rohi: Does that mean there is someone?

Raj: Do you love anyone?

Rohi: He never had a chance.

Raj: You can try it once.

Rohi: Not possible.

Raj: Well can we make friends?

Rohi: Hmm. However, there are some conditions.

Raj: Hmm said.

Rohi: You can't ask for my phone number or FB ID.

We will never have a contract.

If we ever meet again without any kind of contract .. then friendship.

Raj: It's a pain to make friends.

There will be love and affection

How ??

Rohi: Hahaha

Raj: Don't give me the number.

I will call after meeting.

Rohi: I don't believe. If you call before the meeting!

Raj: If you get married before you meet.

Rohi: Fate.

It was two o'clock in the morning when I spoke to Shareit.

I set a world record by talking to a stranger girl for a long time.

This unfamiliar girl is very familiar now

Has become.

I don't remember when I fell asleep.

I woke up and saw that Rohi was not there.

Supervisor: No, brother?

I got off the bus quickly

But I did not see Rohi.

I got up at a friend's mass. The hair on the head has become unkempt.

I am changing my dress to freshen up.

When I opened the watch, I saw a paper sleeve.

I opened it and it said ...

tiktok e yata dao khushi ....

More than that ...

Keep this in mind ..

I am yours

Fan of romantic stories.

wait for u ...

That means Rohi

My story on Facebook too

Fall. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content.

I looked for him in every unit of UV test. Butt Rohi didn't have that fortune.

Rohi's name is also in FB

I did a search and sent a message to every Rohi

There was no response.

My FB ID is also disabled within 2 months.

Pain for pain.


For a moment

I don't know why. Rohi called my mother with my phone.

I checked the call list on the phone.

I didn't get it.

So much frustration despair

Still did not leave to come.

She became love.

1 year passed.

The university is closed for a few days.

My roommate has become a best friend at Mass.

She insisted


To return from their village.

I agreed.

Gaibanda from Rangpur

Then Fulchhari .. Balashi slap.

From there

I reached the village by boat.

When I reached my friend's house, I saw that they could not understand any language they spoke.

However, they are the people of the lower region.

The next day I went out to visit the village with friends.

How sweet scenery!

.... step by step how much sand laying ... the river can't do it on its own


On the way back

On the school grounds

I saw the boys playing cricket.

Sitting and watching the game.

A boy sat next to me.

Boy: Brother, is your name Raj?

Me: Hmm. Why.

Boy: There's a surprise for you.

Go to our house for a while! ....

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