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3 years ago

At the corner of the neighborhood, Abul had broken off the relationship because he had a cigarette in his uncle's shop. I heard, - Your licensed husband is drunk and returns home after midnight! It's up to me how it feels.

I wanted to stick to your lipstick. Today your lipstick husband is ruining that lipstick. I heard, - You are ashamed to go out without a burqa! Well does your licensed husband like me appreciate your false smile!

After you left, Abul took a pack of cigarettes from uncle's shop for interest money ..... I couldn't eat a single cigarette. You know why?

You said - "Where there is money, there is a job, happiness must come. Wow! What a beautiful argument. I can't find an equation, why didn't you catch a bird called happiness in your life!"

Now I have to admit, this logic of yours was a lie. If there was happiness in money, then the richest person in the country would not cry in the dark of night.

If I was a little older, with a beard and a mustache, a government job, so I could have been your licensed husband, until the last breath of life.

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