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World Osteoporosis Day 2020

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Nowadays the first thought of everyone is how to control weight while our body structure is made so that most of us people are very indifferent or don't know much about the care of that bone. As a result of our ignorance and negligence we do things that are deadly harmful to our bones.

Osteoporosis is one of the most common bone diseases

🚫 # What is osteoporosis_or_bone loss?

Osteoporosis refers to a decrease in bone density in the body. Osteoporotic bones become much like bees. This causes the bones to become brittle or fulco. The risk of breaking bones very quickly increases. Sneezing or coughing can lead to severe bone loss.

#Cause_what or who is more at risk ???

After fifty years, the bones of the body begin to show signs of decay. The density of the bones of a man or a woman usually increases till the age of 26 and lasts till the age of 34. From then on, there is bone loss. In those cases where the risk of bone loss is higher, the bone density decreases rapidly.

The rate of bone loss in women after menstruation is very fast. In addition, many factors or risks increase the risk of bone loss

➡️ Elderly

➡️ Genetic error

➡️ Absence of ovaries due to operation

➡️ Hypogonadism

➡️ Hyperthyroidism

➡️ Hyperparathyroidism

➡️ Arthritis

➡️Vitamin D deficiency



➡️ Body size,

➡️Eating habits,

The habit of taking extra tea, coffee, chocolate in old age

Heavy metals in food or air

🚫 # Symptoms

There may be no physical symptoms in the beginning. However, pain in the waist or back or anywhere else, especially if it does not reduce the pain, the character. Some people will have low physical height, squatting or leaning forward. However, the most serious thing that happens in secret is a crack in the spine and a broken bone due to a minor injury.

🎯🎯 # necessary_steps?

The main and first step will be to identify the risk and, if possible, eliminate it.

Since, once the bone loss is less likely to be met, it must be prevented in the first place.

🎯🎯Some daily habits can strengthen the bones ---

🏵️ Regular exercise

🏵️ Eat nutritious food -

We have to forget about taste and pay attention to nutrition. Low fat milk and dairy foods should be eaten every day. Milk, eggs, nuts, peas, small fish, green vegetables and fruits should be included in the diet. Spinach, greens, cabbage, broccoli, lettuce, turnips and vegetables contain vitamin K, magnesium, calcium; Which plays a very important role in bone formation.

🏵️ Eat foods that contain vitamin D-

🏵️ Fish, fish oil, milk, soy milk and fruits contain vitamin D. Shrimp, tuna fish, orange juice, egg yolk will get vitamin D. It is also possible to meet the body's need for vitamin D through sunlight.

🏵️ Put sun on the body-

Three days a week, let 10-15 minutes of sunlight fall on the whole body. The largest source of vitamin D is sunlight. This light fills the body with vitamin D deficiency and strengthens bones.

🏵️ Eat less caffeine-

Caffeine inhibits calcium. You should not drink more than 300 ml of coffee or two cups of coffee a day. If you drink more coffee than this, you must take extra calcium.

🏵️ Stay away from soft drinks-

Soft drinks also damage bones. Studies have shown that the phosphoric acid present in soft drinks is responsible for bone loss.

🏵️ Keep stress away-

Bone has a very important relationship with stress. Stress causes the body to secrete a hormone called cortisol, which is especially responsible for bone loss. So the more stress you keep away, the better for you.

🏵️ Stop smoking and drinking-

Smoking increases bone loss and increases bone fragility. People who regularly smoke and drink alcohol do not get proper nutrition in their body. Bone loss is caused by malnutrition not reaching the bones properly even after eating. So for a healthy body and bones, stop smoking and drinking.

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