Song of darkness -9

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Bulu's legs are not moving at all. Today his fever came due to foot pain. The doctor at Green Pharmacy gave him a bunch of antibiotics. He said, "There are thorns inside." Feels. Need to be cut out. You'd rather be admitted to a hospital. Bulu said in surprise, I will be admitted to the hospital for a little thorn bite?

No need to take out the thorn? Having been struggling with legs for so long. Does that mean anything?

By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. If the tuition money is collected today, Wednesday. The student's father appeared annoyed. He said in a dry voice, and you are fine? Many guests at home. I can't talk to you, Master. There is a talk of marriage. You do one thing, move on to the first week of next month.

Bulu did not think what is the relationship between marriage and his salary? With great difficulty he walked half way and finally took a rickshaw. The rickshaw puller has to pay the last four rupees in his pocket and he almost wants to cry. A boy who has failed BA three times cannot ask for money for hand expenses. It is not possible to ask.

The pain in the legs is getting worse. The legs are part of the body but it seems it is not part of the body. The legs rebelled. Who knows, every part of the body may have a different life.

Bulu tried to talk to the rickshaw puller just to forget the pain. This rickshaw puller is not so talkative. He tries to answer in one letter whatever is asked.

Bulu thinks that the life of rickshaw pullers is not so bad. They do not have to suffer the pain of failing BA three times. They have no idea about the severity of this suffering. Any physical pain is tolerable. If the body suffers more than a certain level, then it is unconscious. It's like sleeping soundly. Three times b. No one is unconscious due to this failure. It would have been better if it could have happened.

What will Bulu do now?

Test again?

By no means.


Who will give him the job? Nowadays, a boy from MA side also applies for the job of a peon. It was seen in the newspaper that day that twenty one MA pass boys had applied for a job as a store keeper. Three have M.Phil degrees. But the boy who has passed matriculation has been asked.

He also gave an inter once. Government Job Inter. Proof reader in film and publication. His interview serial is 1403. The interview has been going on for four days. He entered the front of the board on the fifth day. Four members of the board. All four were devastated. Looks like these four people will go crazy together in a while.

Bulu sat in front of them for a long time and no one asked any questions. An old gentleman said to the gentleman next to him, ask something. He was very upset and said, why don't you do it? What is your problem? A relatively young man was seen drawing all the designs on the pad placed in front of him. And holding the face in front of the eyes distorted. Bulur felt great love. These logos are taking Inter day after day. Who knows how many more days it will take. They may not have any questions now. They must be having nightmares at night too.

Bulu said, "Sir, should I go then?"

With these words, a wave of joy spread among everyone on the board. The old gentleman said, "Well, Dad, go."

This is the first time that the designer did a look at his design with a happy face.

Nowadays the word business has become very popular. The boys are getting down to business after passing. Bulu doesn't know how to do business, he only knows one thing. It takes money to do business. Well, is there any business in Bangladesh where it does not cost money? It wouldn't be bad for boys like Bulu to have such a business.

Something went wrong with the rickshaw. The chain is falling again and again. Bitterly annoyed, the rickshaw puller brought a brick from somewhere and made a noise. It did not help. The chain fell again. The rickshaw puller said in a hoarse voice, Halar's rickshaw. Bulu's wish is to tell the rickshaw puller, "Brother, it's not your fault, it's my fault." This situation is because you put me in a rickshaw. If you pick someone up without picking me up, it will take so long to reach. The poor rickshaw puller is pulling the handle of the rickshaw. Bulu said, "Brother, the condition of my feet is bad or I would have walked away." The rickshaw puller did not answer. He muttered something. Perhaps he is also abusing his fate.

Bhagya Bechara's life was ruined by abuse. Is there anyone in this world who does not curse his destiny? Everyone gives.

Bulu tried to change the flow of his thoughts. Taking the thought from one sector to another. The matter is not very simple. Thoughts are like a river. It's hard to change the pace, but the bull can. This has been possible with long-term practice. He began to think of a new kind of planet. That planet is exactly like Earth. People are like people on earth. But they have many parts in life. Everyone on that planet spends some time in great happiness, some in sorrow, some in prison, some in the country and abroad. After all the experience is over, he is asked, Hemanab child, do you have any unfulfilled desires in your life? If he says yes. Then he is given the opportunity to fulfill that desire. He does not die until all his desires are fulfilled.

There are many types of worldviews in Bulu's imagination. There is a beautiful world like the beautiful world. All the people in that world are dirty and ugly. There is no such thing as love or compassion in the heart. The name of what is there is hatred. All the people there live a miserable life. There is no moon on that earth. There is no softness at night. There are always two suns in the sky of that earth.

Sir name.

Bulu Namal. The rickshaw puller is sweating profusely. All the water in the body is coming out sweaty. If he had money, Bulu would feed this poor man a cold Pepsi. No money. Well, is there any poem about the sweat of the rickshaw pullers? Can't a wonderful poem be written? For example, the sweat of the rickshaw puller's body has dried and a layer of salt has fallen on his body. Which looks like milk cream.

The rent of four rupees was fixed. Bulu got off the rickshaw with four rupees. She is quite ashamed. I have two cigarettes in my pocket. Will he give one of the two cigarettes to the rickshaw puller? Doesn't it become very dramatic?

Bulu hesitated for a moment and handed over the cigarette. He said softly, "Brother, take a cigarette."

The rickshaw puller raised his hand and took a cigarette. Lota is happy. The matter of happy name is also quite funny. It depends on many things at once. So it can never be said how happy a person will be in a particular event.

This rickshaw puller has been impossibly happy. He took a long pull on the cigarette and said with a smile, what makes a cigarette is that Kyle Tess is gone. What nephew? Before, there was a cigarette butt and a sigh of relief. What a shock! I didn't say right. Brother?

Yes, that's right.

What happened to the nephew's feet?

The thorns are bursting.

What? Go slowly.

Bulu didn't play anything at night.

Not hungry.

He drank a glass of water and went to bed. The pain in the legs has increased a lot. It seems that the hospital will eventually be admitted. Who knows how to be admitted to the hospital. I must go and tell someone - I want to be admitted here, brother. Please make an arrangement. Or have to apply. Nowadays, it is an advantage to apply only in Bengali. Bulu lay down and began to think of the draft of the application.

Hospital authorities,

The polite dedication was a thorn in my side. Later, due to that thorn or any other complication, the leg became swollen and became a pillow. Therefore, I would be very happy if you would kindly admit me to your hospital and make a movement of my legs.

The time of illness is quite strange. It's good to think about bad things today. Bulu lay down and started thinking about the hospital letter in different ways. In common parlance, in the language of the saint, in a very serious manner, again quite a joke. The joke letter is not coming well. It is very difficult to deal with physical pain. Yet Kullu is trying hard,

Dear brother of the hospital,

How are you nephew My brother has a thorn in my flesh. In Sanskrit it is called Kantak. Well, brother, what can this thorn pick up? The thorns are picked up with thorns. Do you have thorns?

The harp entered the room. He said softly, grandfather is sleeping or not?


I brought milk for you.

In milk food.

Veena put her hand on her brother's head. He had a high fever but he said in a soft voice, there is no fever.

Bulu said, no, but I will come.

Veena sat next to her brother. It seems from his expression that he wants to say something.

Bulu said, say something?


Then I do not sit. I'm annoyed to see you.

The harp remained sitting.

Bulu said, if there is anything to say, it is the harp. Such a stone-like face. I will not sit still. Wanting to slap.

I have a letter from you, grandfather. But he doesn't want to give you the letter.

Whose letter?

Alik's letter. His head is not right, he doesn't even know what he has written.

Have you read the letter?

Yes. Why not read the open letter?

You don't want to give me that letter?


Then there is no need to give.

If you read that letter, you may have a bad idea about the girl. I don't want that. She is a very good girl.

OK, you don't have to give a letter.

If you ever meet him, you will say that you have received the letter.

Well, I will say. Now you please say goodbye.

Dad is calling you grandpa.

What do you say?

He was looking for you in the evening - you were not there.

Bulu sat up. He said in a low voice, what is the father doing?

Sitting with the ledger.

Shall we go now?


Fear is fear. Sirius hasn't said anything since the fall. Tell me today.

The harp said nothing. Bulu said, tell me what to say?

Veena said, you will not say anything. Listen quietly. I know why it seems like Dad won't say anything.

Mr. Mizan in his room. Papers are spread on the bed. He has a calculator in his hand. He looked up at Bulu. Bulu said, called me?

Mr. Mizan did not say anything. She looked as if she could not recognize the boy. Then he looked down and saw the figure of the calculator and wrote on the paper. He pressed a few numbers again. Bulu's idea is that his father is no longer interested in talking to him. I don't know if he will leave or wait any longer. His cough is coming but he is not daring to cough. He could not suppress the cough completely. The little word is. Mr. Mizan looked up. He said in a heavy voice, what will you do right?

Bulu did not answer.

Will you test again?


Donkeys take the BA exam four times. Then it becomes a habit. Do it once every time after getting used to it.

Bulu remained silent.

Mr. Mizan said, you are an ass. Anyone who sees you can write a donkey essay. Why a full beard? Have you ever seen a beard on a donkey's face?

Mr. Mizan, you are saying what you do. He said to the boys and girls in a fit of rage.

You will come to my office tomorrow at half past twelve. Remember?


The face will come clean. There is no shortage of barbers in Bangladesh yet. Now stay in front of me.

After Bulu left, Mr. Mizan called Veena. He was a little polite with the harp. He said in a simple voice, boss. Have you finished eating?

Veena said, yes.

He began to sweat in his mind. Dad, you're talking to him too.

Are you m Want to read this?


Why do you want

Veena did not answer. Mr. Mizan said, I hear why you want to study MA.

I will not read if you are forbidden to read.

Mr. Mizan said, what do you think of me? Why should I forbid you to read?

The harp is standing, saying nothing.

Mr. Mizan waited for a while for an answer and said, I gave you a watch. The first few days were always at hand. I don't see it now. Go get the watch.

The harp did not move. Stood in the same place as before.

Isn't the watch with you?


What have you done, lost?


No, you didn't lose the watch. You got angry, what, I'm not right?

Veena did not answer.

Mr. Mizan said, well you go.

He called the girl for a completely different reason. Veena wanted to talk about a good marriage. Shame on you. His relationship with boys and girls is not easy. We need to talk about this with Veena Maar. Not wanting to talk. Stupid girl It is the same not to talk to them. If you say something, you will keep beating the lid around. Yet he said at bedtime, Veena had a marriage proposal.

Farida immediately got up and sat on the bed. He said with interest, what does the boy do?


Doctor's son? Tell me? The doctor's son is very good. How's the practice? Does the patient get the letter?

Mr. Mizan arranged to sleep. He doesn't like to talk about it anymore. Farida said, did you see the boy?


What does it look like?

He did not answer. Farida said in a weak voice again, how to see the boy?

Mr. Mizan said in an annoyed voice, it is good to see. Now don't bother, go to sleep.

Farida could not sleep all night. Soon his brain was excited. Even today.

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