Song of darkness-17

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2 years ago

Doctors usually do not want to talk to the relatives of the dead patient. But this doctor said. Mr. Mizan, who was sitting on a wooden bench outside the operation theater, came in front of me and said in a clear voice, I am very ashamed.

Mr. Mizan muttered, what is there to be ashamed of. It would have been a shame if the attempt had gone wrong. There was no error in the attempt.

The doctor did not leave but stood. Mr. Mizan said, did Bulu say anything at the time of death?

Yes, no. He did not regain consciousness.

This is the first time Mr. Mizan saw tears in his eyes. He took out a handkerchief, wiped his eyes and said in a simple normal voice, "My son was a good doctor." I had a small regret in my mind he didn't know how much I loved him.

The doctor stared. Mr. Mizan said, Bulu wanted to give you a gift. He wanted to give it to you when he regained consciousness after the operation. I brought the gift. I would be very happy if you take the gift. Not so much. A little pen. Low price.

Mr. Mizan looked for a pen in his Punjabi pocket. The doctor said, you go to your kids. They are crying a lot. Come on. Hold my hand

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