Song of darkness-16

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2 years ago

After a long time, Farida saw the girl again. The girl with the veil is standing near the well.

The evening just matched. The sky is a little darker because it is covered with clouds. Yet the girl was clearly seen in him. He thought of the harp at first. After a moment I thought - no, not so much harp. He said sharply, who is there? The girl slipped away and went behind the tree.

His chest throbbed. There is no one else in the house except him and his mother-in-law. Everyone went to Bulu. Bulu's condition has worsened. Today his leg will be cut off. The operation is supposed to take place soon after dusk. He could go as he wanted. No. I have been suffering from chest pain since morning. Today's pain is more intense than any other day. The evening was a little reduced. He came to the verandah to perform ablution for prayers and saw this scene. He said again in a trembling voice, who is who?

His mother-in-law said, what happened?

Farida said tremblingly, "I'm scared." Mom is scared.

Bauma has nothing to fear. And to me. I will blow Ayatul Kursi on my chest. Come to me Goma.

Faridar's whole body seemed to be frozen. He can't move. The girl wearing the veil has come out again from behind the tree. Farida clearly saw that the girl threw off her veil. What is an impossibly beautiful girl but why does she look so terrible?

Farida called in a low voice, Amma was scared. Mom is scared.

His mother-in-law is constantly calling, mother, come closer. I can get off the bed. You come to me

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