Song of darkness-15

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Mr. Gani seems very worried today. When he came to the office, he did something outside the rules. Threatened his secretary. However, after the threat, he managed to control himself and said with a smile, how is the work going?

The secretary said in a dry voice, "Yes sir, it's good."

Find out a beautiful three letter name.

What's your name, sir?

The name of the ship. I finally bought a ship. Name needed. Registration will be. There is a lot of pain. Has Mr. Mizan come?

Yes sir.

Go send him.

Mr. Mizan quietly listened to the news of the purchase of the ship. Did not show any emotion or excitement. Mr. Gani said, Mr. Mizan needs a name. The name of the ship. Usually ship names are quite big like Pride of Bengal, The Silent Voyager …… I want three letter names.

Mr. Mizan did not say anything this time.

Do you know why I want three-letter names?

Yes, no.

The number three is very important, this is why three letter names are needed. See how important the number three is. Our place is the three heavens and the underworld. Tomorrow is also three — past, present, future. We eat three meals a day, noon, night. The fox calls three times at three o'clock. Not right?

Yes sir that's right.

You are not asking how much I bought the ship with.

What will happen, sir?

The ship is not mine alone. Ships of the organization. You all have a part in it. Although not directly but indirectly.

Mr. Mizan remained silent. He does not want to talk.

Mr. Gani said, what is the condition of your son?

A little better now. There was another operation. The doctor said that maybe the legs can be saved.

Good. Very good This is very good news. Why did you keep such a happy news face black? Of course it is like this - I know why the mind feels bad when it is very happy. I ask you to eat tea.

Don't drink tea, sir.

Mr. Mizan stood up. He stood up and said, "Did you inform the police, sir?"

Mr. Gani frowned. As if he doesn't understand the question. Mr. Mizan said, Rahman's wife came to my house this morning. He said that the police came and took Rahman away.

Mr. Gani said, is that so? When did you catch it?

At half past eleven at night.

Haven't left yet?

Yes, no.

Unjust. Very unfair. I needed to be informed at night. I would arrange to leave immediately.

Sir, did you inform the police?

Yes, I informed. Absolutely can not be left. From small problems to big problems. Don't look at your son. A little thorn burst. From there the legs are now stretched. I told the police they would go and do their own investigation. I don't know anything will happen. However, it is the citizen's duty to inform the police. Don't think that I can get rid of Rahman right now. Arranging. I am writing a letter. You take the letter and go by yourself. Take the office car.

Mr. Gani quickly began to write letters. Mr. Mizan said, the police will come to me too. Won't you come, sir? Mr. Gani said softly, it is difficult to say what the police will do. They never do the right thing. Do what you don't want to do. It does not do what needs to be done. Take this letter and leave.

As soon as Mr. Mizan left, Mr. Gani rang the bell and called his secretary Majnu. Sweet voice said, the name has been found?

Majnu said in a dry voice, "Yes sir." Got one.

Say the name.

The name is Badr.

What did you say?


I bought a ship with nine crore rupees - his name is Badr. Are you kidding me Go find out the name. This afternoon at five o'clock you will give me a thousand names.

Yes, sir.

The names will all be arranged alphabetically. Something in A, something in A in this way.

Yes, sir.

Just before lunch time a note went to everyone. The content of which is that the company has bought a sea-going ship from the Greek Shilling Mariner. This incident is indicative of the company's steady growth. All the employees of the company were given an increment to commemorate the event. The improvement of the company means the improvement of all those associated with the company.

Mizan has returned with Mr. Rahman. Rahman's whole body is swollen. There is a blood clot under the right eye. Mr. Mizan said, why did you hit?

Rahman said in a low voice, I don't know sir.

Hit too much?

Rahman did not reply and said, "Sir, I will not go home now." Chinu will be very upset if he sees my condition. I feel ashamed of myself sir.

Where do you want to go?

My uncle has a house in Kalyanpur. Take me there, sir. I will recover in a day or two and go home.

Will you still work for Mr. Gani here?

Where to go, sir? There is no place to go.

Mr. Mizan said in a cold voice, I have decided not to work.

What are you saying sir?

I have written a resignation letter and come to the office. They will give it to Mr. Gani.

How will your family, sir?

If not, it will not work. Would you like a cigarette, Rahman?

Yes, sir. Don't eat in front of you.

Take it. No problem.

Mizan put his hand on Mr. Rahman's back. Rahman started crying loudly.

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