Song of darkness-14

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Bulu has gangrene in his legs.

Operation twice. The third time will probably be too. One of the two doctors refused to amputate his legs at all. Want to keep trying. Without war, I will not be like Suchari Medini. This doctor is young. The heart did not begin to harden. He came round and stood for a while in front of Bulu's bed. Examined Bulu's legs. This time his face became different in deep annoyance. Bulu says, how are you sir?

He said in a hard voice, good.

How did you see my legs?

He does not answer. Bulu says in a low voice, when will you cut it?

Will be removed in time. You keep quiet.

Most of the time Bulu is silent. Spends his time in a room. A kind of obsessive state between drowsiness and waking. In that case the world around us seems very unreal. The bearded black man in the bed next to him once seemed very familiar, but at the last moment he thought, who is this bearded goat?

This guy bothers the ball a lot. Talk nonsense. Bulu finds it unbearable that Bulu does things that bother him with devotion. It was as if he was eating something with a croaking sound yesterday afternoon. The sound crept into Bulu's head. There was a squeaking sound in my head. Bulu has a problem that any word gets stuck in his head. Then the sound inside the head continues to grow. The man is eating with a squeaky sound. Bulu said, what to eat?

The man immediately stepped forward with his tiffin carrier and said, take nephew Khan.

No I don't want to eat. You eat yourself, but please don't make a croaking noise.

Yes, well.

Bulu closed his eyes. When sleep was coming, the cot cot sound started again. The bearded man started eating. Bulu said in a thumping voice, "This is the brother who once again makes a croaking noise, but pushes you out the window." I will.

Yes, well.

The bearded man's name is Shamsu. Runs a lathe. Bulu talks to him a lot when he's a little better. The man says very sweetly in each sentence at least once. It's good to hear Bulu. Much of the man's talk is about lathes.

The Vizion lathe machine is one of the strangest things in the world.

Is that so?

Yes brother. He who knows this instrument knows everything in the world.

You know

What can I say in my own mouth? You will see what Afan cares about.

Do you call them artisans?

No, Mistri says. They call me craftsmen. No more worries when I care about you. I promised to teach Afner the work.

What do I do when I learn to work?

Run the device. What happens with the job, said the nephew? How much money? Is there such a thing as independent business?

Don't talk anymore brother. The pain has started again. Not feeling well.

Slowly Allahu said brother.

I did not say to be silent.

He said while taking the breath, Allah said while leaving. It works.

Shut up. Not a word. Dude, goat.

Shamsu looks at her with sad eyes. Surprisingly, a lot of compassion also fell in those sad eyes.

Today the pain in Bulu's feet has increased a lot.

The nurse came and gave him a severe pain killer which made his head blunt without reducing the pain in his legs. Pin pin sound near the ear. It was as if several mosquitoes had entered the shop.

It's about eight o'clock at night. Mr. Mizan is sitting next to the boy's bed. She will spend the night with her son. Cut often. Moved here directly from the office. Don't go home on the day you see too much.

Bulu called, Dad.

Mr. Mizan sat up. Didn't say anything. Bulu said, I am too ashamed father not to pass. The third paper is so bad.

Mr. Mizan said, I will talk about it later.

When the test was very fake, I thought once — then my father agreed. No.

Stay tuned now.

Do you know what I've been thinking for so long? I thought if I passed the exam by cheating, I would not run away from home. The thorns did not grow on the legs, the doctors did not cut the legs.

Why are you thinking of cutting the leg now? The doctors are trying.

No more trying.

Bulu closed his eyes and fell asleep after a while.

You can't sit alone for a long time. Mr. Mizan opened the office file. If any trace of money is found. Has brought six years statement from the bank. Looking closely. If any check is issued which is not mentioned in the ledger. Record lost. Nothing is impossible.

Bulu woke up. She is watching her father with interest. What a strange man. In the meanwhile Khapatra has become engrossed. Bulu called softly, Dad.

He looked up.

Bulu said, are you angry for failing?

Mr. Mizan said, yes. The only donkey three times b. This fails.

I know why Bulur is smiling. What a strange man his father is. Even in this condition of the boy, he is not saying a word of consolation. Surprise. Bulu is looking. Mr. Mizan has started settling accounts again.

Bulu is sleeping again.

But not wanting to sleep. When the pain in the legs is severe, he falls asleep. This sleep is not like normal sleep. Sleep differently. During this sleep many things are felt in the surroundings. If a thought comes to mind just before sleep, that thought is also in sleep. It keeps revolving in the head. Just before going to sleep, the name of the house of three came to mind. Three four times, three five fifteen. This name went from head to toe. It kept ringing in my head like a broken gramophone record — three four times, three five fifteen, three six eighteen.

This sleep and wakefulness is big weird. It is not clear what is happening in the quota dream. That friend of Veena came to see him once. He doesn't know if it really came. Maybe he didn't really come. Maybe it's fantasy. Who knows what. Honestly maybe came. Alik entered the room and said, did you get my letter?

Bulu said, yes.

Did the harp really give you a letter?


Did reading the letter make me think you are a very bad girl?


Can't you just say yes and no?

Bulu smiled. Alik said, now tell me, how are your feet?

The situation is not much better.


Not yet. Will pay soon.

āĻ What will you do with the amputated leg then? Take it with you?

What a strange question. But the question has been adjusted in the girl's face. Doesn't seem strange at all. This seems to be a very natural question.

Why aren't you talking? What do you do with amputated legs?

What did you do

I would take it with me. Should I leave such a large part of my body?

Bulu laughed. Alik did not smile. He sharpened his eyes and said, is the pain too much?

Yes more.

Unbearable pain, isn't it?

Not exactly unbearable. I can tolerate but there is another thing that cannot be tolerated.

Tell me, I hear.

What do you do when you hear it?

I need it. These things will happen in my life, so I have to be prepared in advance.

Sometimes some things keep popping up in my head.

What did you say?

Now the name of the three houses is spinning in my head. Three times six. Not three times, three times four, three times fifteen.

Alik laughed.

Bulu said, why are you smiling?

I'm wondering what it would be like to put something funny in your head instead of a name.

Meaning something funny?

Suppose I tell you now - I LoveYou, isn't it good? Your head is constantly spinning: I Love You, I Love You, isn't it better than name?

Did this kind of conversation really happen with Bulu? Not entirely his imagination or dream scene. Dreams are very real when you are sick. Dreams have colors and smells.

Just before Bulu fell asleep, he noticed that the doctor was entering. He watched her legs for a long time. Bulu said, sir, how are you?

The doctor said in a dry voice, how do you feel?

Doesn't look good.

Let's have another operation!


Will be in a couple of days. Keep the courage in mind.

Trying to keep up. What to do if there is nothing in the operation?

I will amputate the legs.

Bulu said in a very simple voice, amputated leg but I will take it with me, doctor. Don't throw it away again.

The doctor stared at Bulu with cold eyes. Bulu fell asleep. One time I woke up. Who knows how long after the break? Dad is still leaning on the khapatra. Bulu called, Dad.

Mr. Mizan said without raising his eyes, what?

Bulu couldn't remember, he told his father you do it, or you do it. He thought he was telling you. Bulu said, what are you calculating so much?

Mr. Mizan closed the file and said, an account of the office. One or two lakh rupees does not match. Bulu is looking at his father.

Mr. Mizan said in a tired voice, I can't reconcile the accounts. Mr. Gani's idea I think he could not finish. He felt as if his own head had become random. What does it mean to tell a boy these things? Bulu said, you go home father. Go home and sleep.

Bulu noticed what he was saying. Dad is not surprised. That means he might have said it.



I have decided to take the BA exam again. I will pass this time.


You go home. Go home and sleep comfortably.

They are not coming.

Will leave. And there is no problem.

Mr. Mizan murmured and said, the account does not match, understand? I do not understand why this is the case.

Bulu said, do all the accounts match all the time dad?

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