Song of darkness-13

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Mr. Mizan did not say anything to Farida about breaking up the marriage.

Yet Farida knew everything. One of the boy's uncles came and revealed all the secrets. The boy does not live in New Orleans. Passed medical from John St. Luke. Age thirty-one. Received American residency last year. He grew up in America. Went to America as an undergraduate student at the age of fifteen, never to return to the country. It's been three months now. Will get married and leave. The wife will leave after three months. It will take time to fix the visa.

The boy's uncle is also a doctor. Suhrawardy works at the hospital. The talk of the girls who have become doctors is a bit rough. Not so with this lady. He is talking quite jokingly. Laughing a lot in between the words. He said, I will send Tawfiq. See if you like talking. Tell me when to send. We are very close to you. The name of the house is Padmasakha yellow three storey house. Haven't seen?

Farida did not see the house but shook her head as if she had seen it. The lady said, "Our son has seen your daughter." All of these things have happened. The boy is very impressed. Later, when it was found out that your daughter is also very good as a student, she became more impressed. Now tell me when to send the boy?

Farida did not think what to say. Do nothing without talking to Bulu's father. Can't Now the situation is such that there is no opportunity to talk to Bulu's father. He came home from the office and went to the hospital after dinner. He stays in the hospital all night. Bulu's condition is not good. Farida can't understand why it's not good. Once he went to see Bulu in the hospital, he said a lot of things. If Bulu was healthy, the marriage talks could have gone a long way. I have become ill.

When it comes to girls' marriage, the mothers of the girls are very happy. Being Faridar. His chest pain is not up to now. The only problem is that Veena can't talk to anyone about marriage. But he wants to talk. Speaking of which he said with a harp. Veena is ashamed but does not keep quiet, Maar responds. Farida's idea is that Veena is not as shy as she looks from the outside. If she is shy, can a girl talk to a young man or a boy?

When the boy's aunt said that the two of them had spoken, Faridar had a slight suspicion that the lady was talking about another girl. Shortly after the boy's uncle left, he asked Veena if she had talked to any of the boys. Tawfiq name. Lives abroad.

Veena said, yes. Farida said, why did I fall on my face and talk?

He was standing near the gate in front of our house. I just said, what do you want? He then spoke in a hushed voice. Why mother?

Farida smiled and said, this boy wants to marry you. How do you tell the boy? What do you like

The harp stared in amazement. Farida said, why did you make your face so dry? Age is not going to get married? How long will I stay in the next world? Now you will have your own family. Veena said softly, this is the next family?

What is not the next family? Girls have only one family, husband's family.

Veena got up without saying a word. However, Faridar thinks that in this talk of marriage. Veena doesn't mind. The boy seems to have liked her.

Faridar's guess was not very wrong. The boy liked the harp. Veena thought that boy was good. Veena has no idea why this seems to be the case. There is no such thing as a loose kind of smartness in the expatriate people, just like the Tilatla kind. Because of the thick glasses in his eyes, it seems that he has got the feeling of a professor. I like this idea very much. One of the professors of their college, Ajit Babu, has very thick glasses. As soon as he entered the class, he said, "Mothers and mothers, you smile a little." I start the class seeing your smile. This Ajit Babu liked Veena very much. Tawfiq got that good looking part because of his special thick glasses. There are many strange and mysterious reasons behind a person feeling good and feeling bad.

Tawfiq's love for the boy increased a little when he met her for the second time. Veena was returning from the hospital when she came to the entrance of the house. Tawfiq is standing embarrassed on one side of the road. Surprisingly, Veena spoke first. Shy voice said, what happened?

Tawfiq said in an embarrassed voice, not much. Fell into the hole. Do not see what happens when mud is mixed with water.

Saw the harp. There is thick dirt on the left leg pants. Veena said, go home and wash your feet.

This makes Veena think why she is talking so much? What is there to talk so much? You can't start talking and leave in a hurry. Veena stepped towards the house with some discomfort and some uncertainty. Surprisingly, the boy is coming with her. As he approached the gate, Veena thought he might say, "Come in." Word of mouth. Speaking for politeness. What if he really enters the house after saying that it is difficult? Will that be okay?

Veena reddened her eyes and said, come inside.

Tawfiq laughed and entered the house. Veena did not think what to do.

Veena's grandmother started shouting - who is real? Who is the man? Who is the harp man? What does this guy want?

Veena looked at Tawfiq and said softly, "My grandmother." His head is right


Tawfiq said, there is no one else at home?

Mom is there. You are calling Basun's mother.

Farida was cutting fish. Tawfiq was so excited to hear that he had cut off his hand.

Tawfiq stayed in this house for a long time. Talked to Faridar in a simple manner. Veena went to meet her grandmother. He said softly, Grandma, how are you?

Veena's grandmother said, "You bastard."

Tawfiq was silent for a while and laughed out loud. This simple smile is like a big harp.

That afternoon the boy's uncle came and said, I heard you have seen the boy. Do you like your son?

Farida said, yes I like it.

Can we talk about wedding dates? We want to resolve the issue this month or in the first week of next month.

Veena talked to her father.

I will say yes. I will tell in a couple of days. I heard your eldest son is sick.

Yes. What happened to the legs.

The eldest son of the family is ill and the marriage talk cannot continue. Do you know when he will be released from the hospital?

Yes, no.

How is he now?

It's a little better.

Let's go see one day. I'll take your daughter with you if you don't mind.

What's the objection? The girl is yours now.

Farida smiled with satisfaction. Tears were coming to his eyes with joy. He had to work hard to control his tears.

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