Song of darkness-12

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Alik is wearing a nice blue sari today. Sejeche also takes great care. She looks like a mermaid. Dermatologist Professor Barua said, how are you mother?

Alik said, I'm fine. You said to come after seven days, I have come.

Let's see what your condition is.


Professor Barua saw. The stain has grown more. Some spots range in color from pale yellow to black. He stared at the spots in surprise.

Alik said, you will give new medicine instead of medicine, right? My mother's doctor did the same.

Professor Barua did not say anything.

Mr. Borhan said, will I take the girl out?

Professor Barua remained silent for a long time and said, take it.

As soon as he came out of the doctor's chamber, Mr. Borhan said, "Shall I go and see your girlfriend's brother?"


Why not? Let's see.

The hospital doesn't take my light, Dad.

Going home?

Hmmm. I have a job.

What work?

A very urgent task.

Alik's work is not so important. For the past four days he has been trying to write one in the shadow of a poem by Oden. Oden's simple mannerisms do not appear in his poems. How difficult the poem is becoming. He does not understand why it is so difficult to write easily.

Leaning back in the car on the way home, he recited the poem in his mind.

He was fully sensible to the advantage of the installment plan.

And had everything necessary to the Modern Man.

A gramophone, a radio, a car a frigidare.

Well was this man happy?

Seki happy whose life is not incomplete? Was that man in Jibanananda Das's corpse room happy too? That man had a wife, had children, had love. Yet why did he have to go to the morgue? I think that man of Jibanananda Das was happy, then was the man of Oden happy? There was no shortage of that man in Oden. He had a car, a gramophone, a fridge.

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